The Craziest Things that Happened in Toronto in 2016

Trying to forget 2016 ever happened? We don’t blame you. Forget what you can, but we can guarantee that you’ll want to remember the craziest things that happened in Toronto this year.

2016 should be known as the year of WTF’s. For a hot moment, it seemed liked the world went totally insane, the city of Toronto being no exception. Politics shocked us, people shocked us and even some of our own actions shocked us. So for the love of God, let’s try not to repeat some of these events.Take a look at the biggest WTF moments that happened in Toronto in 2016:

Capybaras Escape from High Park – Are Found

The ultimate escape heist happens at High Park, as two Capybaras break free and become fugitives on the loose.

People Outraged by Man Throwing Beer Can into Jays Game

This guy sucks and better watch his back after throwing a beer can into a Jays game – so not cool.

11 Year Old Steals Parents Car and Drives Down 401

This 11-year-old wanted to see what Grand Theft Auto felt like IRL so he took a joyride down the 401.

Woman Jumps Into Tiger Pen at Toronto Zoo

This woman is bat sh*t crazy and jumps into a tiger pen at the Toronto Zoo… all because she dropped her hat.

Toronto is Invaded by Flying Mr. Peanut

A massive flying Mr. Peanut balloon invades the city and Torontonians become obsessed.

Pokemon GO Player ends up on TTC Subway Tracks

This guy is really committed to Pokemon GO and possibly really stupid as he is filmed playing on subway tracks.

Toronto Raccoon Tries to Hop a Ride on Subway

Torontonians are joined by an unlikely commuter as a racoon suddenly appears on a subway cart.

City Mourns Dead White Squirrel

We are still devastated and heartbroken over the death of one of Trinity Bellwoods rare and mysterious white squirrels – forever in our hearts.

People get Super Pissed Off Over La Carnita’s New Patio

Local condo dwellers and activists totally freak out after La Carnita builds a seemingly nice new patio.

Pedestrian Walks Into Responding Fire Truck – Is Ok

A pedestrian wearing ear buds walks into a responding fire truck and is oblivious to the world… We’re still unsure whether he knows what happened.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Spotted in Yorkville

An employee at 119 Corbo, a Yorkville boutique, gets the surprise of a lifetime after Kimye decides to drop-in.

Huge Condo Fire Happens at Front and Yonge

A big a** fire sends huge plumes into the sky at this downtown condo’s parking garage but is later extinguished.

Man’s Car Falls Off Gardiner Express and He Survives

After the car was pushed off the Gardiner and he was ejected, he literally walks away with only minor injuries – luckiest, guy in 2016.

The Infamous Rob Ford Crack Video was Released

People feel remorse after finally witnessing the video that made Rob Ford famous.

Justin Trudeau First Sitting Prime Minister to March in Pride Parade

Canada’s golden boy is the first Prime Minister to join tens of thousands of people for Toronto’s annual Pride Parade.

1000 People Skateboard Down Yonge St and Queen West

This was the biggest “board meeting” ever held in Toronto.

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