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Leonardo Dicaprio (Image: Instagram/@lilysttail)

Introducing Scene & Heard TIFF 2016 Edition… #GossipAllDayEveryDay #CelebsCanRunButCantHide #TIFF16 #StarsAreBlindItems

Toronto International Film Festival 2016 is finally here, which means our signature Scene & Heard gossip pages practically write themselves this week. Vv’s Scenesters will be updating this special TIFF 2016 edition of Scene & Heard page for the entire duration of the festival with the hottest buzz and most scandalous celebrity and industry news as it happens. Keep the water cooler a buzz by bookmarking this page and checking in all week long for the latest scoop…

Last Updated: Afternoon, Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Spotted in the 6ix
Juice Factor: getting better by the minute

Ethan Hawke was spotted teaching his opponent a thing or two about ping pong at Mongrel House.

Bond actress Lea Seydoux debuted a brand new baby bump at the premiere of It’s Only the End of the World.

There’s no denying – the stars love Byblos! Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and the cast of Manchester by the Sea were all spotted dining there on September 13th. Affleck requested a special vegan menu.

Paul Wahlberg and Michael Shannon were spotted dining with friends at Byblos on September 12th.

Ryan Gosling touched down in Toronto on September 15th… And the crowd goes wild!

Liev Schrieber was spotted looking slimmer than ever at the The Bleeder after party. Could he be slimming down for a new film character?

Gerard Butler picked up some a swag bag and some Sorel boots from the Tastemakers Lounge.

Film lovers standing at the corner of John & King got a surprise on September 11th when Sing actor, Matthew McConaughey, allegedly drove by the line-up and screamed his famous catchphrase, “Alright, alright, alright.

Apparently, celebs love no-frills take-out, too! Danny Glover was spotted grabbing a roti at Caribbean Roti Palace and allegedly, Denzel Washington was seen eating at Doner Kebab House 

Harvey Weinstein in the house: The king of Hollywood was spotted clutching Kidman at the Lion after party.

Despite what some might think, Anne Hathaway is the life of the party. The actress was spotted dancing sans shoes at the Colossal after party, opting for tequila as her celebration libation.

Jason Sudeikis seems like a stand-up guy. After spending the early evening canoodling with his baby mama, he hopped back and forth between indoors and out, mingling with fans outside and party-goers at the Colossal after party.

Armie Hammer took the time to snap photos with fans and paparazzi as he exited the Shangri-La residences last night.

Dakota Fanning turned heads in an Irish green Gucci ballgown at the Shangri-La and a private members club close.

Kiefer Sutherland made the hot, sweaty mistake of riding the subway in Toronto on September 8th.

Jazz Cartier and his crew were spotted dancing on the rooftop of Momofuku celebrating his new title of Toronto’s best dressed at the Toronto Life Best Dressed party on September 8th.

Stacey Mckenzie taught partygoers how to pose on the Toronto Life Best Dressed red carpet on September 8th.

Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath were spotting sipping on mini-champagne bottles through a straw at the IT House x Producers Ball on September 7th.

Torontonians went crazy over Leonardo Dicaprio who was spotted greeting fans outside the screening of Before the Flood

The cast of The Magnificent Seven celebrated the post-premiere and it’s said that the film’s lead actor, Denzel Washington, didn’t even bother showing up.

Chris Pratt posed with a Vv reader’s daughter at Pearson Airport earlier this week and we’re now thinking the airport might be the hottest celebrity watching spot in the city…

celebrity spottings in toronto

TIFF Horror film makes movie-goers pass TF out
Juice Factor: 7/10

Nowadays, coming by a horror film that actually scares the audience is a rare find but one film at TIFF is really bringing on the gore. During a special midnight screening of the cannibal film Raw, not one but two members of the audience passed TF out and paramedics had to be called. The controversial film, which is about a shy, vegetarian veterinary student who develops an insatiable lust for flesh after a gruesome hazing ritual, has people on Twitter wondering if the fainters were part of a publicity stunt. Whatever the answer, if you’re looking for a film that’ll scare you silly, this is probably it.

Brassaii is attracting some major celebs
Juice Factor 9/10

The Hollywood Reporter has set up house in Brassaii, best known for their boozy brunches and midday parties, and has been bringing out the likes of Natalie Portman, Lily Rose Depp, Lupita Nyong’o, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Dev Patel, and many, many more. Best part about it all? Unlike many exclusive TIFF lounges, those waiting to spot a star need not loiter ’round the entrance – normal people (yes, like you and I!) can get all up in Brassaii – the restaurant is open during brunch until September 13th and might even be the closest you’ll get to your favourite A-lister.

Blind Item: Former NHLer Stiffs the Bill
Juice Factor: 7/10

“I’m a film investor,” seemed to be the pick-up line du jour for lingering gents, who were hanging out at an internationally known members-only, way after a TIFF after party was over and all semblance of any star power had left the building. Two of the tallest gentleman there (one a former NHLer) hung onto a connected Toronto socialite just long enough to sneak into the after party and grab a shot with her, only to realize open-bar was a few minutes over and stiffed her with the bill. Warning boys, never bite the hand that feeds.

Blind Item: PR Pro Loses it on well-meaning employee in front of A-Listers
Juice Factor: 8/10

It’s one thing to have a snafu at one of the biggest events of the year but it’s a whole other to go berserk on a well-meaning employee of yours in front of A-listers and journalists. This PR maven was overheard by guests letting one rip into her employee for overfilling the guest list. Honey, your job is to put the fires out, not start them.

Stay tuned for more…

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