The Top 10 Canadian Start-Ups of 2016

top canadian start-ups of 2016

2016 is coming to a wrap and we’re rounding up the best of the city! From restaurants to activities to the individuals that make Toronto what it is, here’s what you need to know for the New Year. 

You may not know it, but the technology sector in Canada is hot. So hot that investors from across the globe have lined up in hopes to find the next big thing that could benefit greatly from a little extra seed money. So who is the next latest and greatest start-up? Well, we have our top ten selections right here and they will make you proud to be Canadian:

Back in January of 2016, Slack announced they were seeking $80 million in seed money to build out their platform more. In September, Slack announced they would be opening an office in Toronto. So what exactly is Slack – for those that don’t know? With nearly 2 million users, it’s a smart online messaging system for teams that has private rooms, integrates GIFs and well, so much more.

As one of Canada’s fastest growing startups in history, Hootsuite has been the crown jewel in Vancouver’s technology scene. The social media management developer has built a business on its computer “dashboard” software which offers freeware and a subscription based service. With employees across North America, there have been murmurs that CEO Ryan Holmes is getting ready for a potential IPO bid. Eek!
Roger Hardy is one smart businessman. He used to own a successful eyewear company called – which you may or may not have heard of. But now, he’s started on his newest venture which is dedicated entirely to shoes and includes and Currently in its IPO stages, the site offers more than 480 brands of shoes and other accessories. Plus, they opened their first retail shops in Toronto and Vancouver this year.

It’s like the Uber of moving companies, say hello to Zootly. Although the company is New-York based, the company has a Canadian at the helm, with a number of Canadian investors and also sees half of its operations in Kitchener. Working as a logistics operator and connecting folks with reputable moving companies, Zootly’s hope is that people can have a safe and stress-free moving experience. The company is expanding into Canada shortly.

We are totally feeling this app built and designed by two women based out of Kitchener, Ontario called Bridgit. The app has a subscription attached to it and is designed to make communication between construction workers easier via an app. Pretty neat, huh?

HackerYou was launched by Heather Payne in 2012 and quickly became one of the top coding boot camps in Ontario. In September of 2016, big changes were afoot and HackerYou announced it had applied to become a private career college. Payne writes on the site that through this change they will continue to do what has made them successful in the first place, “staying small, remaining agile, and focusing on student results.” We’re excited to see what’s next!

Looking for the next modern networking app, well look no further than Nudge. Nudge is a networking app that tracks the strength of your network so you spend less time connecting. It’s like LinkedIn, but better. Created by Paul Teshima and Steve Woods, the Nudge team have set out to build a solution that leverages the strength of relationships to help sales teams find and keep their best customers.

As we’ve all heard, 3D printing is where it’s at. Well, this west-coast company is on a mission to make and create custom printed wearables using images from smartphones. Within the last year, the company has received almost $3.5 million U.S. in seed money plus had interest from multiple venture capital firms.

Vision Critical
Out in Vancouver, the team at Vision Critical has created a product that will help companies build engaged communities via a customer intelligence platform. With tons of success to date, they are gearing up for their impending IPO.

Showbie was launched for teachers and students as the “paperless classroom application” in 2012. Since then, it has grown significantly with more than 2 million teachers and students signed up. Just this last year, they added a new feature where parents could now sign in and follow along with their child’s progress in the classroom. 

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