Top Photo Apps for Instagram Domination

It’s an unfortunate fact that even in the age of social media, many of us are less Karsh and more Martha Stewart when it comes to iPhone photography. Luckily, Vv Magazine’s Shannon Hunter has rounded up the top photo apps to up your Instagram game…

Does anyone actually use cameras anymore? It’s been widely accepted for years that the iPhone is the world’s most photography method; Annie Leibovitz once called it the, “Snapshot camera of today.” Who can argue with the woman who convinced Anna Wintour to change her mind about Kimye?

With a camera that powerful in your pocket, there are no excuses for limiting your photo apps to Instagram and Frametastic. You may not be Annie Leibovitz but, with a little help from a couple of photo apps, your friends might actually enjoy looking at your foodstagrams, for once.

Because we care, and we’re seriously tired of pretending we like our friends’ subpar photography, Vv Magazine has compiled a list of the top photo apps. There’s a photo app for everyone and no reason to share something that looks anything less than gorgeous. Your selfies will never be the same.

Top Photo Apps

Photoshop Touch
iOS, Android
As the name would suggest, Photoshop Touch is Photoshop for your mobile, pure and simple. With Photoshop Touch, you can add layers, tweak levels, or apply filters — it’s an incredibly powerful tool that, until recently, was only available on a desktop or tablet. Get rid of an awkward blemish, unsightly red eye, or remove an ex with the deft hand of a professional photo editor – all on your phone. While Photoshop Touch isn’t free, it’s definitely worth the investment if your iPhone is your main tool for image capturing.

Manual provides custom exposure for iPhone users; instead of relying on the phone to guess what the settings should be for the photo, you can set them yourself. If you need a beautiful shot of the Costa Rican sunrise on your holiday this winter, but don’t want to lug around a DSLR, then Manual is perfect for you. You’ll have all the control with none of the weight of a traditional camera.

Manual App

Motion Shot
iOS, Android
Ever tried to take a motion shot on your phone? It’s not exactly easy, and most of the time it just ends up looking like a hot mess. Motion Shot eliminates the sloppiness by creating a short video, which can then be saved as a single, shareable image. As a bonus, Motion Shot also allows you to save your video as a short animated GIF — especially useful when filming your friends dancing to Shake It Off.

iOS, Android
If you want a powerful editing tool but don’t need quite as much as Photoshop Touch has to offer, VSCO Cam is your perfect alternative. Play with exposure, temperature, crop, contrast, fade, and many other editing features before trying out one of the filters available for in-app purchase. VSCO Cam does come with some free filters but, if you want to get the most out of the app, I highly recommend downloading some of the packs available for purchase. The Limited Edition Collection is the best option for the price, and you’ll find yourself using it often.

Vsco Cam App

PicLab & PicLab HD
iOS, Android
If you’re absolutely obsessed with Pinterest and fancy images with inspirational quotes scrawled all over them, PicLab is for you. This app is great for captioning your images and making it look like you perfected your graphic design skills overnight. It has been a favourite since 2013, but the recent addition of PicLab HD is what gets the typographic app on our list. PicLab HD is a pay app (PicLab is not), and it’s only available for iOS users at the moment. While you may not be thrilled at spending the cash, the developers have added a LOT of functionality that makes it well worth the price. The addition of layer-based editing gives the user more control over their image and, if you’re in the mood to be really creative, you can even install your own fonts for that extra level of personalization.

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Shannon Hunter

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