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toronto munchies

Pancho’s Bakery Churros (Image: Instagram/@brecarrera)

Today’s the day.

It’s 420 aka marijuana appreciation day which, in turn, could also be called food appreciation day considering the amount of munchies that are going to be sold from convenience stores and restaurants across the city. Whether you’re celebrating at home or on the streets, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best munchie spots, in no particular order, to feed your hungry belly.

Light up a big fat one and get ready to order from one of these drool-inducing spots.

Situated on the corner of Dufferin and Bloor is Panchos Bakery, serving up the best churros in town: classic or filled with strawberry, chocolate or caramel. Feelin’ fancy? Get yourself a churro cone, which comes overflowing with ice cream and toppings. Just know that you’ll have to take it to go – there’s no seating at this munchie spot.

Get a sugar overload at CutiePie Cupcakes, a little shop on Spadina Avenue. Here you’ll find mini cupcakes for less than 2 bucks, whoopie pies, dessert kebabs (whoopie pies on a stick!), and espresso-based drinks with cotton candy-infused steamed milk and whipped cream.

Queen West
The ultimate stoner munchies can be found at Junked Food Co. Craving nachos? Try their Smash Bags, available in three flavours: Original Smash, Mac Smash, and Pulled Pork Smash, made with cheesy Doritos and served in a Doritos bag. They also have loaded waffle sandwiches, a Mac n’ Cheeto burrito, a Cookie Doh-Nut, and over-the-top ice cream scoops. 

toronto munchies

The Mac Smash from Junked Food Co. (Image:

The Annex
The popular food truck, recently found a brick-and-mortar home. Eva’s Original Chimneys serves up hand-rolled savoury and sweet cones of dough. Whether your pleasure is a fully loaded cone with soft serve or a cheesy roll, your munchie dreams will be fulfilled here.

The Junction
We’ve raved about this spot before, and we’re not afraid to do it again! When the Pig Came Home is an old school-inspired deli, serving up sandwiches of all different kinds. The most notable would have to be the thick sliced smoked meat sandwich, which puts Montreal’s to shame.

King West
Craving a classic Canadian dish? Weed enthusiasts should make their way to Poutini’s for, you got it, poutine. Our favourite is The Works, served with sour cream, bacon and chives, but they also have Vegan, Classic, Smoked Meat, and Bacon poutines. If the rain has you caught indoors, just know they also deliver on Uber Eats.

West Queen West
New on the block and making a scene is Hollywood Cone. They serve up over-the-top concoctions like Mutant Milkshakes, which are rimmed and topped with seriously sweet treats – think full slices of cheesecake and brownie, funnel cake, donuts and more. Their other ice cream desserts are no less than epic, either. Just be prepared to wait in line.

toronto munchies

Mutant Milkshakes from Hollywood Cone (Image: Instagram/@notchelseyy)

Yes, sometimes we’re a little immature, especially right after we’ve smoked a big fat one, and sometimes a little potty humour is just what you need to raise your spirits. If you agree, head to the Poop Cafe in Koreatown and grab a seat at one of their toilets. Here you’ll find Thai ice cream rolls with toppings galore, creative Hong Kong waffle treats, and Korean desserts served in a toilet bowl.

Dundas West
Looking for somewhere to escape the rain? The Lakeview is a fail-proof classic. Open 24/7, they’ve got almost everything your stoner stomach craves – think pies, milkshakes, banana splits, deep fried Mars bars and of course, diner classics like all-day breakfast, burgers, and stacked sammies. If you’re looking for some pocket snacks, head next door to Sweet Addictions Candy, a candy shop that stocks rare and hard-to-find sweets from around the world.

If you’ve got pizza on the mind, Descendant Pizza‘s Detroit-style pies will hit the spot. The two-day proofed crust is thick and crisp on the outside, while remaining super light and airy on the inside. Add on gooey cheese and your favourite toppings, and you’ve got a pizza to phone home about.

toronto munchies

Descendant Pizza (Image: Instagram/@kitchenconfession)

While grey skies don’t exactly scream ice cream, Bang Bang is never a bad idea. Grab yourself an ice cream sandwich made with decadent housemade ice cream and cookies. And if the line up is too long, you can always score an Insta-worthy Peace Treat from Peace Collective.

Looking for a fresh homemade doughnut made with love? Look no further than Glory Hole Doughuts. They serve up yeast, cake and vegan donuts, in a variety of unique flavours like Apricot Ginger, Hibiscus, Toast and Butter, Salted Caramel, Birthday Cake and more.

Little Italy
For something substantial, head to PG Clucks, where the chicken is hot and fresh out the kitchen. The Big Cluck is their take on the Big Mac, served with two pieces of chicken, American cheese, lettuce, pickles and secret sauce. Combine sweet and savoury by adding a house made Honey Crueller to your order, or order the secret menu item: A Jalapeno & Honey sandwich, fried chicken served with the crueller as the bun.

toronto munchies

Jalapeno & Honey Sandwich from PG Clucks (Image: Instagram/@pgclucks)

Roncesvalles Village
For ice cream on Roncesvalles, you’d be a fool not to check out Ed’s Real Scoop. The popular establishment offers an extensive list of frozen treats from sorbets to ice cream to gelato, plus milkshakes, sundaes and more. Or take your tub to go and carry your 420 festivities on through the night.

Yonge & Lawrence
Some of the most raved about (and Instagrammed) donuts come from The Rolling Pin, so if you’re in the ‘hood, you’ll want to make a stop. Their gourmet donuts are made fresh from scratch daily, and on the donut schedule today are flavours like Boston Cream, Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu, PB & Jelly, to name a few. Oh, and if you don’t believe the hype, you should know that The Rolling Pin was a recent winner of the Food Network’s Donut Showdown.

Church-Wellesley Village
If you’re craving some of the best (and cheap) tacos in the city, you’ll want to visit Tacos 101. Located on the south-east corner of Dundas and Church, the tacos are large. Watch them pile up all the delicious toppings and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that all tacos are only 4 bucks each (or $4.50 for fish). Just be warned: There are only a few seats in the restaurant, so you’ll want to take that Mexican to go. 

toronto munchies

Tacos from Tacos 101 (Image: Instagram/@jaim3lam)

Yonge & Dundas
There are a plethora of 420-worthy eats in the neighbourhood and after leaving the big 420 celebration at Yonge & Dundas Square, you’re sure to have the munchies. While the Eaton Centre food court is full of options, we suggest keeping things simple and going with a classic, juicy Five Guys cheeseburger. 

Another ‘za option for those craving a slice of deliciousness is Pi Co. These personal sized pizzas are created custom with whatever toppings you crave. Made right before your eyes, Pi Co.’s pizza artists will slide your pie into their oven and have it ready for you in just 3 minutes.

Baldwin Village
Ice cream and a show! Arctic Bites serves up delicious Thai ice cream rolls that are made right before your Visine lubricated eyes. Sweet liquid mixture is rolled with a scraper on a cold surface, with 6 flavours to choose from, topped with treats ranging from fresh berries and Oreos to Hello Pandas and Lychee Jelly.

toronto munchies

Arctic Bites (Image: Instagram/@_karenfang_)

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