Our 6 Fave Toronto Fashion Bloggers

Maybe it’s a blog-eat-blog world out there for most people who try their hand at launching fashion blogs, but these six Toronto bloggers are proof that breaking into the industry doesn’t have to be as impossible as it seems – so long as you’re armed with quick wit, a strong aesthetic and a laptop. Some of the best writers in the fashion world aren’t necessarily bigwig editors (were they ever?), they’re actually next level freelancers… they’re bloggers. Meet our six favourite fashion bloggers from right here in Toronto.

Jay Strut Donatella Versace

Jay Strut and Donatella Versace, courtesy of JayStrut,com

The blog: Jay Strut
Who: Jay Strut
Twitter: @JayStrut
Why we love it: It doesn’t matter if he’s writing about how he went blonde on a whim or how he ended up chilling with Donatella Versace, Jay Strut just seems like the kind of kid Andy Warhol would have kidnapped from an underground club in New York, whisked away to his Factory and hired to be his muse along with the likes of Joe Dallesandro. We’re always “borrowing” his latest music obsessions for the gym, and we constantly wave at him when we see him out and about in Toronto because it’s easy to forget when you read his diary-eqsue blog that you don’t actually know him. Isn’t that the best kind of blogging there is?

Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke of I want – I got

The blog: I want – I got  
Who: Anita Clarke
Twitter: @geekigirl
Why we love it: It’s hard not to admire a girl who can wax philosophic about all the things she wants while still coming across as genuine and cool. Sure, we love all her awesome posts about all the events and parties she attends around Toronto, but she had us at “ask a geek,” a section of her blog in which she gives super-lengthy answers, complete with links and prices, to readers’ questions about style. Now that’s geek chic.

Sharon Ng Hayes and Tara Ng

Backseat Stylers Sharon Ng Hayes and Tara Ng

The blog: Backseat Stylers
Who: Sharon Ng Hayes and Tara Ng
Twitter: @backseatstylers
Why we love it: From insider scoops on all things Toronto, like the recent opening of the Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Exchange, to a killer street style section that showcases some of the most amazingly dressed women we’ve ever seen, the Ng sisters are two of the hardest working bloggers in the blogosphere. We’re not saying we refresh their website regularly looking for the outfits we’ve put together in hopes of making their best-dressed pages, but… well… everyone needs a little 3 pm break around the office, right?

Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes of Fashion nights

The blog: Fashionights
Who: Julio Reyes
Twitter: @Fashionights
Why we love it: A man who considers Gisele Bundchen his spirit animal is definitely a fun guy to be around at a cocktail party. Sure, we may have started reading Fashionights because we thought Julio had really great hair, but we’ve kept reading it for his daily updates on local and international fashion launches, as well as his posts on his favourite fashion editorials of past and present.

Spiro Mandylor

Spiro Mandylor of It’s All Style to Me

The blog: It’s All Style To Me
Who: Spiro Mandylor
Twitter: @itsallstyletome
Why we love it: Men of the world: If you’re wondering what’s going to be in style a year from now, Spiro Mandylor has got you covered. The man’s got all the best looks from the hottest runway shows flying off the press (or posted into the blogosphere, rather) on a daily basis. Spiro originally started IASTM as an outlet to sell his personal artwork, but it turned into a beloved blog with a focus on men’s fashion. If you’ve noticed that the gents of Toronto have been more stylish in the last few years, now you know why.

Kendall Donaldson

Kendall Donaldson

The blog: Kendall Donaldson
Who: Kendall Donaldson
Twitter: @kendallerica
Why we love it: Perhaps she’s Toronto’s answer to Alexa Chung, but Kendall Donaldson definitely has us intrigued every time she posts a new photo of herself wearing an outfit she’s put together using the best of her grandmother’s vintage mixed with her favourite new fashions from up-and-coming designers. Although her blog started as a hobby to occupy her time while she was unemployed, it turned into bona fide venue that gets her front row seats at fashion week. We love a good success story!

Vv Magazine

Vv Magazine

Vv Magazine is the new and improved extension of View the Vibe. We strive to give you great stories with different perceptions, opinions and viewpoints while also covering the latest trends in food, fashion and beauty. Stationed in Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary are coming soon!
Vv Magazine
  • anon

    Unfortunately you missed all of the actually talented ones in favour of the most “popular.”

  • nofashion

    lol spent a few minutes on each of these blogs and they’re trash. where did you come up with this list? are they your friends?

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    All these bloggers are focused on Twitter, how about showing Instagram some love? Check out my favourite Toronto girl! https://instagram.com/mangorabbitrabbit