VAN: It’s Almost Time For Diner En Blanc To Blanket The City In White

One of our favourite (now annual) events that perfectly signals the apex of summer in Vancouver is set to swath the city in a sea of white on Thursday night. Diner en Blanc is the most sought after ticket that lands you at one of the most sought after parties of the season.

With over 3,000 people expected to attend this year’s soiree, we’re more than excited to be one of the lucky ones and have already started planning our big night out all dolled up in white. Speaking of white, it’s a must when it comes to attire for this elegant event that sees hoards of attendees dressed to the nines gathering at respective key meeting points around the city prior to the big reveal (it’s a top secret location for the dinner en masse).

If you’re planning on attending, colour is not an option. Keep it simple and throw on a white linen shirt, pants, sandals, skirt, or whatever suits your fancy (pun intended).

Remember, there’s no BYOB at this party. If you’re lucky enough to be on the list you’ve hopefully gotten the booze part sorted out accordingly and pre-purchased a bottle (or two) for your evening out. If you’re feeling really swift, we’re sure a discreet and elegant-looking flask won’t hurt too much (just don’t say we told you to bring one).

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.41.48 PM

As far as food goes, Hawksworth Restaurant is catering the event and offering a stellar-sounding menu this year. Hopefully you snuck in an order for their multi-course menu… but if prix fixe isn’t your thing, load up a basket with goodies from Urban Fare, Whole Foods, and Fresh St Market for a suitable feast.

Now you need a table. We went ahead and rented a square table, folding chairs, and a white linen tablecloth at A&B rentals, but if you’re still on the hunt check other local rental stores like Pedersen’s, or get creative and spray paint a used table and chair set white for the night ( or are your best bets).

Don’t forget to pack white napkins, silver cutlery, glassware, an opener, water and electric votive candles for the night (vase and floral bouquet are optional décor and add a nice touch to the mix). And bring along a packet of matches or lighter for the annual sparkler lighting and celebratory toast that always sees the party start… before it goes late into the night!

Will you be attending Diner en Blanc Vancouver this year? Comment below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe!



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