VIDEO: L’Unita’s New Pizza Perfection

It’s no secret that I love L’Unita. I’ve celebrated two birthdays there, I love the vibe in their charming dining room and the food is just delicious. (In case you missed the Italian feast Adam and I indulged in last year, check it out here.) One thing that is very different this year is their pizza… while last year’s ‘za was outstanding (hello… ricotta stuffed crust!), their new dough recipe and specialized oven is making the new L’Unita pizza totally unforgettable.

I went into the kitchen last week with Chef Jeremy Gash to talk pizza. Now, while we know good pizza is a lot about the oven, first and foremost it’s about the dough, and at L’Unita it was no joke coming up with this recipe. The secret mix of ingredients took about three months to perfect with the powers of everyone in the kitchen, including the lovely pastry chef Heather Mordue (who also makes the most amazing cannoli, FYI). After many nights of creating, trying and tasting, the recipe was made official and the result is fantastic. Light, airy, and very thin crust pizzas that don’t make you feel over-stuffed or bloated – this is my kind of pizza…

They also keep the ingredients simple and fresh and don’t overload – another reason why the pizza is so easy to enjoy as a pre-course to one of their beautiful mains. After speaking with Chef Jeremy, he revealed their philosophy that it is important L’Unita’s guests enjoy a “full Italian meal,” which includes a pizza course. And thanks to this new pie being as light as they could craft it, tossing in said pizza course is completely possible to do – and necessary if you ask this ‘za lovin’ gal.

As an added bonus, every Tuesday L’Unita also offers half priced wines, which is another reason I love them so. Their wine cellar is fantastic and when you can pay half price for one of their amazing bottles, why not splurge on a wine you may not usually order because of its price tag? Pair the vino with their new pizza and you have yourself a winner of a dinner!

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie

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