Vv Magazine’s Worst Valentine’s Day Stories!

If you think your Valentine’s Day stories are bad, you should read ours. You may want to pour yourself a glass of wine — or three.

We at Vv Magazine have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to have a shitty Valentine’s Day — trust us. If you’re prone to having crappy V-Days, you’re not the only one. Here are a few tales of our editors’ worst Valentine’s Day dates and gifts. You can be sure that you’ll start to feel hella better about yourself and your love life after reading some of our horrid stories.


Nicki Laborie, Editor-in-Chief
That time a boyfriend made me sit at a bar by myself surrounded by couples until 9pm because he had a surprise for me. The surprise? Chinese takeout. Really??!

Vicki Hogarth, Managing Editor
My mom sent me a “Thinking of You” card and leprechaun socks this year. I’m okay with that. I’ll worry when she sends five cats.

Philip Mak, Fashion Editor
I have always been single on Valentine’s Day. In past years, I would just have a booty-call with my longterm, emotionally-abusive lover, Pinot Grigio.


Azra Hirji, Market Editor
My birthday –unfortunately– falls on Valentine’s Day. So, I spend every Valentine’s Day with my parents at a restaurant, surrounded by loved-up couples.

Danica Jeffery, Vancouver Editor
My worst Valentine’s Day gift ever would probably have to be the time an old boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to get me half-dead carnations and a really cheap-looking lacy-red thong with some chocolate. Even on the best of days I don’t do thongs, so obviously this dude did not last. Furthermore, aren’t carnations reserved for funeral arrangements? The chocolate was the only redeeming item — and I seriously am not that hard of a person to please.

Alida, Editorial Intern
In university, I was dating a romantic guy who sent me a lavish bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. I was on Cloud Nine until I opened the card and it had another girls name on it.


Lauren, Editorial Intern
My Ex Boyfriend bought me glove warmers. Enough Said.

Isabel, Editorial Intern
I ordered in $40.00 worth of Chinese food and put on “The Notebook.” The only person who wished me a happy Valentine’s Day was the delivery man.

Danielle, Editorial Intern
My worst Valentine’s Day ever happened when I was in university and every single one of my housemates had dates except for me. I spent my afternoon helping all the girls get ready, lent out my dresses, and curled someone’s hair. When they were all gone, I had the house to myself and used my alone time to drink an entire bottle of wine and purge the contents of my cupboard. I woke up very hungover and covered in Nutella.


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