Craft Beer For $2? Then Grab A Craft Beer Passport!

Beer week is upon us, Ontario, though there’s no need to confine oneself to this week for all your craft consumables. Craft Beer Passport is a new program that all local beer lovers should note. On sale now online and in select bars, the $20 passport allows holders to sample their first 12oz of craft beer for just $2 (the legal minimum price) at 20 participating pubs across Toronto.

The brain behind this unique beverage program is Mike Stulberg. Perpetually tapped into the Toronto scene, Stulberg was inspired by the cultural diversity of Toronto after returning from travels in Europe and Asia. The micro regionalism of much of the world does not apply to Toronto in the same way. Yet, we have more opportunities than ever to support local beer producers.

“I see this product as a way to support local bars, while introducing Torontonians to the many different neighbourhoods in Toronto through their favourite pastime: drinking craft beer,” Stulberg says.

Currently, Stulberg has sold over 600 passports since they first went on sale on May 21st. He equates the response to the demand for cheaper, more accessible craft beer.


“The Beer Store monopoly is something that I think all Torontonians are frustrated with,” Stulberg contends. “An idea like CBP encourages people to visit bars that sell craft beer, and also puts the various retail stores of these brewers on their radar.”

The wallet-sized Craft Beer Passport is valid throughout November 30th and translates to $100 of craft beer for just 60 bucks. For indulgent beer bellies, that’s the kind of deal that can’t be passed up. The passport also comes with a comprehensive ‘field guide’ as it allows users to try and ton of new beers and introduces them to the bars that sell them. Now, no matter where you roam the city, you can do it with the confidence that your next craft pint isn’t far from your palm.

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Jason Finestone

Jason Finestone

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