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As a lover of good food and discovering new cuisines, I love to explore the city and all the culinary delights it has to offer. However, being a Montreal gal and globe hopper means I have a limited knowledge of the Toronto scene and I often need a little help coordinating the perfect get together whether it be a Sunday brunch, a working lunch or a boozy dinner! True, there are websites available, but it is too easy to get lost in the insane number of categories, banners and outside advertising which ultimately distract me from my quest. My frequent frustrations stirred up my creative juices and Viewthevibe.com was born!

So, the idea was simple… keep it easy, keep it fuss free and provide culinary explorers with a little nibble of what they could expect before committing. In what other industry do we get to enjoy a sneak peak of a product before we buy? That’s right fact fans, the movie business…

Movie trailers give us the gist of the story. We know if we get to see our favourite actor (Ryan Reynolds being a particular favourite of mine… not necessarily based on acting prowess!) and the story line fits our personal criteria, making the trip is worthy of our time and hard earned cash. Why not do the same for restaurants? A 90 second clip that showcases the décor, the cuisine, the clientele; in short, the VIBE of the restaurant…

Now I needed a team…. already having my closest ally on board: Arthur, my 10 year old Boston Terrier, has been loyally at my side throughout my travels and many career changes! He’s an essential partner and certainly approved the acquisition of my good friend and former employee, Sam. Having worked with her in my former life as a restaurant manager, her attention to detail and solid work ethic makes her my perfect right hand woman. Sharing my love of good food, Sam is a gym bunny who loves a cold beer, makes a mean Cosmo and hails from England. You’ll hear a lot more from her in coming weeks!

The web site developers were next on the agenda. Who was going to dedicate the time and passion to our mission? Who was going to understand what we were trying to do? After meeting several web branding companies, Idig Marketing stood out immensely due to their similar foodie passion (creators of Foodbie.com) and the synergy between the two major players: Jeff’s expertise in helping us create a brand that would stand out of the bunch combined with Seth being very web savvy.

Our videographers were a tad harder to nail down. We needed a team who understood our mission. Corporate videos are not our thing, neither are ‘Chef Profiles’ or 360’s… we needed to capture the emotion from each and every venue we work with. We finally got it right on our 4th try. We first noticed Bulldog Promotions thanks to the star of their profile pic, Charlotte, their adorable 3 year old bulldog. Behind the picture we found Matt and Dave, talented and hungry film makers who really ‘got us’ from our first meeting.

So that is View The Vibe in a nutshell! We are excited to introduce ourselves and to tell our stories as we embark on this new and exciting journey! We’ll be out and about in the city, tweeting, 4sq checking in and delivering all the juicy info in our weekly blog! Feel free to send us any thoughts, suggestions or general gossip… us girls just love a good gossip! Until next time…



Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of View the Vibe & Vv Magazine. Nicki has spent her adult life everywhere from Montreal to New York to St. Maarten, and finally ended up in Toronto. She started her career studying fashion journalism at FIT followed by working in media and PR with some of the world's top fashion and luxury brands. Eventually she ended up back in the restaurant business working with hot culinary spots in NYC, St. Maarten and Toronto. Her combined experience inspired her to start View the Vibe and Vv Magazine.
Nicki Laborie