#WTFWednesdays: The Absolut Cure

While some of us have put an absolute halt on consuming alcohol as part of a healthy start to 2014 (pfft!) there are still plenty of us sippers enjoying catching a buzz. Had a few too many? Happens to the best of us! Today’s #WTFWednesdays (that’s What The Food!) features the most outrageous way to ease a hangover…


The classic “hair of the dog” Caesar is jazzed way, way, way up at Toronto’s Hunter’s Landing and their 3oz slugger, served in a massive glass that will require two hands if you’re really feeling last night, will surely ease your pain deliciously. The Absolut Cure, which of course uses Absolut vodka, is garnished with an east coast Lobster tail, a brisket slider, smoked bacon, house smoked mozzarella, fresh cut vegetables and house pickles. Bottom’s up!

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