Yeah, That Happened: Going in for the Steal

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When it rains it pours, and so the saying goes. And I totally get it: things come to us when we’re not looking for it. When we don’t need it. So when you’re feeling confident and all dolled up anxiously awaiting your date to walk in, it’s no wonder you’ll catch the eyes of fellow suitors. You’re alone, so you’re automatically approachable. And because you’re not looking to ‘pick up,’ you won’t come off too strong or too desperate. In this week’s edition of Yeah, That Happened, we look at some how-we-met stories that emerged from what I like to call, going in for the steal.

In plain sight 
She noticed him a few tables down from her at a trendy Mexican restaurant and pointed him out to her friend. “He’s clearly on a date!” her friend exclaimed. “Not my problem,” she said, feeling frisky after a recent break up. She made eye contact with him from across the way, which continued while both parties continued to munch on apps. She noticed him break free from his date to head to the washroom. “Now or never,” she thought, before getting up and following him downstairs. 

She waited for him outside the single washroom and when he emerged, he said (along the lines of), “this is for you,” and handed her a napkin with his number on it. It could have been the buzz from half the margarita pitcher she chugged, or her dire need for D post-break up, but she leaned in tongue first and they went at it. They continued to text and catch glances throughout the evening. After he dropped off his date he met her for a drink and brought her back to his place – they hooked up all night. They parted ways the morning after, and she never heard from him again.

A good ride
She was sitting by herself at a table for two checking out a music gig. She had been casually seeing someone for a few weeks and he said he would meet her wherever she was in about half hour. She was enjoying the music and sipping her drink when she realized a hot young thing was sitting in the only free chair of the establishment, which just so happened to be at her table. She commented on his out of place cocktail (a Caesar – at 11pm – at a music venue), and they got their flirt on.

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She hadn’t specifically told the guy she was seeing which venue she was at except for the intersection. She knew when she caught herself pulling this manipulative move that she had it bad for the new kid on the block. In fact, when he finally found the place and arrived, she felt disappointed that he was there cutting her time with the new babely jokester. That is until she realized her guy showed up wasted and high.

She told him it was best if they did their own thing for the rest of the evening but could potentially meet end of the evening. As soon as her drunken crush left, she strutted back to the table where her young boy sat, smile clad, as he noticed her coming back. They ended up exchanging numbers, and he offered to drop her off to meet her other guy at the end of the night. Once in the car they shared a soft, simple kiss. The next night they got together and she ended up calling it quits with drunky. This Ceasar-drinking boy had literally stolen her heart and they’ve been together ever since.

Given the shaft
She set up shop along the bar in an underground hotspot in the city. It was a weeknight and she was looking forward to a second date with a guy she had been set up with earlier in the week. As she sipped on her alcoholic beverage, she kept looking over her shoulder, the way one does when expecting someone to walk in. She felt his eyes on her before she saw him… so she did what we all do when we feel someone watching us: she looked up. They locked eyes and neither of them looked away. She felt a surge of electricity rush through her body. But this guy wasn’t the date she was looking for – instead, he was a blue-eyed, beanie wearing gent. 

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After he eye-fucked the shit out of her and was handed his beer, she raised her glass to him and said cheers. They got to talking and she told him straight up that she was waiting for a date to arrive – but after that eye contact, she wished he didn’t show. Their physical attraction and chemistry to one another was so palpable and there was no missing his raging hard-on under the wood. Dry-stroking it as she leaned over to give him her number, her date quickly arrived and she proceeded to ignore new guy, while making out and dancing around with her date – knowing full well she was being watched. The next day she got together with the new guy and ended up having a whirlwind romance, not spending a day apart.

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