unique gym classes in Toronto
Misfit Studio (Image: Libby Roach)

When it comes to working out, there’s no one-size-fit all type of routine. Finding your flow and getting into the groove can be difficult. Whether you’re bored with your current gym routine or looking for something to suit your speed, Vv Magazine’s Libby Roach is here to help! 

Gym bunny stuck in a rut? Or maybe you’re a serial slacker looking to rekindle your love affair with a dumbbell. Either way, variety is the spice of life, so kick things up a notch or two by tackling a new and completely unique workout. We’ve scrounged the GTA for the cream of the crop of nonconformist workouts, but be warned. One way or the other, you may be pushed outside your comfort zone.

Reformer Class at Misfit Studio
One quick scan of the tightly fit room near Queen and Bathurst may inspire visions of an 18th century torture table but submit to the process and let Michelle Jobin, a Stott Certified Pilates instructor, work you through the motions on the reformer. Aptly named “Get Strong,” Michelle’s class will have you flexing muscles you didn’t know existed, with a focus on abs and glutes.

NTC free class
While the workouts may be a tad traditional, the instructors and price point push this class into next level territory. Nike’s training classes focus on lunge, squat, push, pull, hinge and rotate routines, taking place at varying locations around Toronto. One other unique detail – the classes are entirely free.

Surfer academy
Hangin’ ten isn’t just exclusive to jet set vacations anymore, surfing can be done year round, and at this studio near Yonge and Eglinton, indoors. SURFSET marries the core strength and stability one gains from surfing with aerobic conditioning and cardio drills all while you ride ‘waves’ on your own custom surfboard.  

unique gym classes in toronto

Body InVest
Techies and wanna be Robocops should seek the solace of a gym class like no other. Body InVest combines a series of easy actions with a hi-tech vest that stimulates muscles to contract with a small electrical pulse. The workout is intense, but it won’t feel like it. Results are dramatic and often worth the hefty investment. The program is available at various locations in Toronto including Lucid Fitness in Yorkville.

BCBD by Eva
This is not your typical jazzercise class, so leave the jazz hands at home. Eva Redpath is a force of nature, and her workouts are no different. Bridging components from her training as a dancer and a Nike Master Trainer, Eva’s workouts are intense, but fun – she’s dubbing it entertaining pain, and one look at her jam packed classes means she’s not alone in that moniker.

Ganja Yoga
Leave the munchies at home for this one, but if you’re a friend with green, this place is for you. Communal bud pitching and then consuming (via a volcano vaporizer) kicks off the class and hippy vibes at Ganja Yoga, naturally housed inside a headshop on Bloor West. Drop your mat and your inhibitions for a hatha high like no other.

Nude Yoga
Hot yoga is so basic. It’s time to up your repertoire and give downward dog a whole new meaning. Yoga with Jacki marries the sensual act of stretching with an even more sensual act of being naked. Some classes, like YOGAsm, invite you to bring a partner along for the ride. Maybe hit up ganja yoga first to help you out of your comfort zone.

Suspension Yoga
Build on the flexibility and stretching that a typical yoga class offers and combine it with a suspension sling. Not only will you defy gravity, but also common sense as some you’re probably not ready for some of the more advanced moves (I’m looking at you, Sirsasana). A two hour class will take you through the motions of a yoga class, with the added benefit of inversions to decompress your spine.

unique gym classes toronto
Image: Instagram/@TheFlyingYogi

Skipping 101
If double-dutch proves too daunting and schoolyard memories are a distant memory, perhaps it’s time to reconnect with youthful playground pursuits and pick up a skipping rope again. Before you try to fashion it into a noose, consider checking out Clancy’s Boxing Academy – they offer a skipping class that will show even the clumsiest cardio seekers the ropes.

Everyone loves the bouncy fun of a trampoline, so why not combine that with a workout that will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour? The aerobic workout is done completely in a room chock full of trampolines, a perfect low impact workout for even the most novice fitness enthusiast.

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