buying new shoes

No matter who you happen to be, the day will come when you need a new pair of shoes. Instead of grabbing the first pair that seems like what you need, it pays to ask yourself a few questions first. The answers will help you decide if those shoes are really what you need or if you should take a little more time and find a nice pair of Merrell shoes that will serve you well.

1. Do I Need a New Pair?

Many of us get into a little trouble when we give in to impulse buying. Even when we purchase something practical like a pair of shoes, we may end up using money that we needed for something else.

Before you actually buy anything, ask yourself if you really need new shoes. If the answer is yes, then go right ahead and check out the different shoes by Ara that catch your eye. If the answer is no, make a promise to yourself to go shoe shopping later on when you have a little more money to spare.

2. What Purpose(s) Will the Shoes Serve?

Do you need shoes for a special occasion? Maybe you need something new to replace a favourite pair that you’ve worn down to almost nothing. You could even need a new pair that would blend in more easily with the dress code at your new job.

Make sure you can easily identify one specific purpose those new shoes will serve. It doesn’t have to be some earth-shattering purpose; it can be something as simple as giving you one more option of something to wear when you go to the gym.

3. Will I Really Wear the Shoes?

There’s no doubt the shoes look great in the box. They will also look great on your feet. Even so, will you wear them or will they end up in the back of the closet?

It’s one thing to purchase footwear for a special occasion and only wear them when similar occasions arise. It’s a different thing to buy shoes and never put them on your feet. If you suspect that great looking pair you are considering now will never escape from the closet, it’s best to not buy them in the first place.

4. Do I Like Them Because a Celebrity Wears the Brand?

We all have celebrities or public figures that we admire. Of course what they wear can have some effect on what we decide to buy in the way of clothing and footwear. In fact, the shoes you are considering right this minute happen to be a brand one of your favourite performers or sports figures promote.

Step back and take a good look at the shoe. Without the endorsement from the celebrity, would you even be looking at the brand? If you’re not sure, that’s reason enough to skip the shoe and see what else you can find.

5. Would I Still Like the Style if I Didn’t Know the Brand?

We all find brands that we come to know and trust. Of course you would naturally gravitate to
Merrill shoes if you find the brand has the combination of comfort, style, and support that you love. Before you actually purchase the shoe, ask yourself if your good feelings about the pair would still be there if you didn’t know the brand. Unless you can answer yes, it makes sense to step back and see if there is another pair that would be a better choice.

6. Will the Shoes be Comfortable?

Looks matter, but never underestimate the importance of comfort. This is especially true if you are investing in a pair of shoes to wear all day at work or for most of a camping weekend. Making sure your feet feel good matters as much as making sure your clothing feels nice against your skin.

When shopping for shoes online, always read the product descriptions and the reviews before buying anything. Doing so will confirm that those beautiful shoes by Ara that you are considering do have enough cushioning and other features to make your feet feel food for hours on end.

7. Will They Hold Up Well?

You can buy cheap shoes any all sorts of retailers. They might look good and even last for a few months. Unfortunately, they begin to break down fairly quickly. The result is that you are back online or in the store trying to find a suitable replacement pair.

A better approach is to only purchase shoes that are made using quality materials. Instead of having to replace them in six months, you get to wear that great looking pair of Merrill shoes for a few years. Along with not having to deal with the problems that come with footwear made from inferior materials, you also save a lot of money by investing in footwear that’s higher in quality and made with care.

8. Do The Shoes Provide a Reasonable Amount of Support?

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that looked great but left your heels hurting, your arches barking, and your leg muscles twitching in discomfort? If so, you know what it’s like to wear a pair of shoes with no support.

Support does more than help your feet feel good. The right pair will gently massage your feet and promote better blood circulation. They take some of the pressure off your arches when you walk while also easing the stress on your heels. The right design even helps provide more support to the balls of your feet, making it easier to maintain your balance.

Those same shoes also alleviate pressure on the ankles and lower legs. Instead of cramps or swollen ankles at the end of the day, your feet and legs still feel relaxed, free of discomfort, and ready to take you wherever you want to go that evening. Stick with purchasing shoes by Ara or a similar quality brand, and you will have plenty of support.

9. Will I Like the Style Just as Much a Year From Now?

Some shoe styles are timeless. No matter how much time passes, they are classics. You can depend on them to look as stylish five years from now as they do today.

Then there are the shoes that happen to be outright fads. If you’re lucky, they will still be in fashion six months from now.

Are you the type of person who tends to adapt your tastes to the latest fashion craze? Perhaps you are someone who knows what you like and prefers to go with clothing and footwear that tends to be integral parts of any well-rounded wardrobe no matter how the winds of change happen to blow.

Whatever personality type you happen to be, always ask yourself how you will relate to that great looking pair of shoes this time next year. Will you still love to wear them or would you not be caught dead with them on your feet? If it’s more of the latter and less of the former, skip that pair and see what else you can find.

10. Are the Shoes in My Price Range?

Not all of us are in a position to select shoes now and worry about the cost later. If you have to work within a budget, be on the lookout for higher quality footwear that’s in your price range.

Keep in mind that this may mean you don’t buy a new pair of shoes right now. Instead, you set aside a little money each pay check while you look around for a pair with the right features. When you have enough disposable income set aside, make the purchase.

Remember that you don’t save money by settling for shoes made with inferior materials. While the initial purchase price is great, they will not last that long. You could easily purchase three pairs of lesser shoes and still not get as much wear from them as you would from a higher quality pair. Before you know it, buying an endless string of cheap shoes costs you more than saving for and purchasing one quality pair.

11. Do They Pass the Three-Day Test?

If you now have doubts about those shoes, step back and give them the three-day test. In other words, wait three days and see if you feel any better or any worse about them. When you still think they would be a good choice, buy them. There’s a good chance that they will end up being a part of your wardrobe that you wear often and enjoy.

Now that you’ve been through the questions, what do you think? Does that pair of shoes that have caught your eye still seem like something you need to own? If so, go ahead and buy them. Wear them in good health.