year of the butt
year of the butt
Butts are out, here’s what’s in… (Image: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

If 2016 was the year of the butt, what can we expect for 2017? Vv Magazine’s Sarah Harris shares her prediction… and it might surprise you. 

Last year loved big butts, and I’m personally pretty over it. We saw Kylie Jenner’s assets turn from flat to fat, implants go through the roof and the procedure of getting fat removed from one body part and injected into another popularize faster than fish lips (or trout pout).

And with that, we’re ready to introduce something more attainable and esteem-boosting. Since we all don’t have thousands of dollars lying around for various cosmetic treatments, nor the desire to look like a cartoon (Jessica Rabbit we’re looking at you), I’m ready to embrace a trend that we can all get on board with. Society is having a moment that’s slightly too vain for my liking, and I’d like to see things roll back a bit.

Having women flaunt purchased body parts is not only damaging but downright sad. Let’s embrace our curves, get off the contour kit train and try new trends. While braids had a major moment in 2016, it’s definitely one of the formidable trends that are making major waves this year.

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While we’re not loving every braid on our radar – ahem, snail shell braid – we’re excepted to see a swoon-worthy selection of inspired braids pop up everywhere. And we seriously mean everywhere. From runways, to red carpets and even bridal parties, this hair twisting trend has serious sartorial legs.

If you’re looking for a few pieces of inspiration, we’ve curated our favourite braided looks that you absolutely need to try now. And if you don’t think you’re skilled enough to master these alone, YouTube has never failed us when it comes to tutorials. And don’t forget, while braids might look effortless, they also require a few preliminary and post-weaving steps to ensure their longevity. Your style will fall flat with too many flyaways and frizz, so invest in a few key products that holds shape and promotes shine.

French Braid
The French plait includes three even sections of hair that are braided together starting from the crown, all the way down to the nape of the neck. This braid is probably one of the easier ones to master without a friend, and always looks elegant no matter the occasion. Be sure to work in a serious styler to ensure longevity and hold throughout the day.

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Dutch Braid
Adding strands as you work your braid down from the crown is the name of the game. If you thought jumping in and out of the rope was hard on the mean streets of the playground, this one can get pretty tricky. We recommend a lightweight gel to ensure soft-held strands, and of course committing to a hair tutorial to get this one down.

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Fishtail Braid
This braid sits a bit further back than the French braid, making it more casual. This style definitely lends itself well to ponytails, and always looks elevated if done correctly. Be sure to work in a sea salt mist to give your strands that relaxed yet regal beachy vibe.

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