3 Telling signs that show your partner may be falling out of love with you

As a matchmaker who’s interviewed over 65,000 singles in the span of 25 years, I’ve heard countless stories from singles all across North America. With a lot of them talking about the slow demise of their relationships. Once some relationships complete the honeymoon phase, it’s not uncommon to feel as if your relationship has settled into a more normal dating routine. You’ve both come down from Cloud Nine and your rose-coloured glasses are a little clearer with the reality you’re not actually dating a unicorn. All relationships can go through a rough patch and some go down a path of no return. Here are three telling signs that show your partner may be falling out of love with you. And what you can do to rekindle or repair the romance.

1.  They Stop Asking About Your Day-To-Day Life Or Things That Matter To You.

Woman distracted and not paying attention to her partner speaking

When you first start dating someone, they can become the centre of your world and you’re really curious and excited to hear about their day. If you can’t recall the last time your partner asked you how your day was, or what’s going on in your world, it’s a telling sign that they may not be into you, or they’re drifting. Your significant other should be interested in what lights you up and have a genuine curiosity about what’s happening in your life.

Matchmaking/Dating Tip:

One way to create interest is for you to share what’s happening in your day. Even though they haven’t asked with a high level of enthusiasm and continue to show interest in their activities. Instead of complaining that they never ask about your day, you could say how much you appreciate it when they do ask you about the things you care about. “I love it when you ask me about my day, it really makes me feel special.”

2. Their Text Game Is Weak.

Text Message where person in blue speech bubble says i love you but the other person replies with k

When their random texts in the middle of the day gave you butterflies and blew up your phone, they now have turned into something resembling starving crickets. It’s a telling sign your partner may be losing interest. Their response rate is diminished and their reply with “K.”. You may even experience the occasional R-bomb from time to time, which really has you on edge about his feelings.

Matchmaking/Dating Tip:

Consistency is key when it comes to reliable communication. Mirroring their weak texting behaviour may not be the best thing to do; unless you want your communication to die. Try changing up your text game to be a little more fun, playful and humorous. Using sarcasm and teasing your partner is a great way to break the ice and also create an instant spark. If they’re having a bad day, reading a funny or flirty text may be exactly what they need to get them to respond. And help get their mind off of whatever’s bothering them.

3. They Choose Work And Friends Over Time With You.

Man and woman on a date but man is too busy looking at his phone

Some people hide behind their work and intentionally create situations outside of your home to be needed. They’ll find any excuse to not spend as much time with you. If your partner has suddenly turned into a workaholic, it could be a sign they are choosing work over a connection with you. If you notice they’re helping another friend move over the weekend, going shopping for his mom or running errands for a buddy? It may be a sign they’d rather be helping others, than nurturing your relationship.

 Matchmaking/Dating Tip:

A great way to get to the bottom of their busy schedule is to ask them how you can help to create some free time to spend together. You could also ask if you can offer help to their friends/family so you can do things together, instead of apart. Your partner will get the hint that you miss them, and notice that they’re not placing priority on your time together.


Stay tuned to our next article where I share more signs to tell if your partner is doing the slow fade and falling out of love. If you’ve got any burning dating and relationship questions, comment below to have your dating dilemma solved in a future article.