Academy Awards

The Academy Award goes to…

And just like that, we close out another evening of the Oscars! Wow. That was quite a time, wasn’t it? Did you live-tweet with us on Twitter at this hashtag? You missed out on quite the party if you didn’t. Now that the show is over, the awards were won, and the outfits were critiqued, we are giving you a quick recap of some of the most noteworthy (and, let’s face it, some personal favourite) events of the evening.

Jimmy Kimmel and the Recurring Bits

We knew he would mention envelope gate. We knew he would talk about the current administration. We knew he would mention #TimesUP and it was safe to say he was going to do another “let’s surprise fans who were having a normal night but now get to see celebrities!” bit. This year, Jimmy surprised a theatre of unsuspecting movie-goers who were taking in an advance screening of A Wrinkle in Time across the street. Armie Hammer used a hotdog cannon, there was a 10 foot sub, and Gal Gadot repeatedly expressed how she felt this experience was better than the Oscars themselves. I agree.  Regardless, as a host you will get scrutinized no matter what you say or don’t say.  It’s not an easy job but Jimmy got the job done. Now let’s talk about real reason we love the Oscars. THE FASHION!

Glamorous Red Carpet Styles!

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Everyone really brought their A-Game to the red carpet. It’s hard for me to single out a few people who stood out among the rest. The styles were beautiful, the #TimesUp pins-a-plenty, and the lack of meat suits, or strange American flag outfits was greatly appreciated.  Tonight’s carpet was classy and elegant with sparkly ball gowns, well-fitted suits and eye-popping colours in abundance. As hard as it will be, here are some of our picks for best dressed on the carpet.  Sorry to anyone who feels left out. You can have a jetski.

Daniel Kaluuya
Daniel Kaluuya in Brunello Cucinelli.

Daniel is, like, my favourite person in the world right now. I’ll get into his performance in Get Out a little later, but MAN, this velvet tux looks ravishing on him!

Viola Davis
Viola Davis in Michael Kors.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that Viola Davis is pretty much my favourite woman ever. She can truly rock every colour under the sun. What a beautiful princess!

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti
Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele in Calvin Klein.

I simply MUST mention these two beautiful people before I move on. I love this couple, individually and together, and they make these looks WORK. Beautiful. Wonderful. Exquisite.

I see my undeniable Get Out bias is already showing here. The fashion was really on point this year and though we’re sorry we couldn’t mention everyone, we made up for it during our Twitter party. Finally, it’s on to the awards themselves and the performers who ‘earned’ them. We won’t mention all of them but here’s a small recap of the ones that were truly awesome.

The Award Goes To…Literally Everyone You Expected

I don’t know about anyone else, but I thrive at making predictions. I didn’t get a single one wrong. Granted, some I put as an “either or”, but come on. I won. I won the night.

Patrick T. Fallon for The New York Times

In all honesty, this man right here won the night. With his sublime and superb monster love story The Shape of Water, Guillermo Del Toro proved that he’s an indelible talent – though many of us probably already knew that. Now he has the hardware to show for it! I’m so thrilled this movie got the recognition is deserved, even if ‘deserved’ might be the wrong word to use here. There are polarizing opinions when it comes to this movie’s theme and story but at the heart of it, it’s a film about minorities, finding your voice in surprising and often unseen ways, the generosity of the human spirit and above all love. The entire cast played their parts perfectly, and it was an expertly crafted masterpiece from beginning to end. I reviewed this film in a bit more depth here, if you want to read more praise for this stand out film. Congratulations to Guillermo Del Toro!

Jordan Peele
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Best Original Screenplay. Oh my lord, this movie, you guys. Get Out was everything. People are so quick to slap a genre label on it and toss it in a specific box, but it is so much more than the sum of every genre. It’s an amalgamation of a visionary beset by the racism of Hollywood and the world at large. It’s more than just a horror movie with a layer of  social commentary. Read my full review of this film here, it was my personal favourite of the year but I’m okay that Guillermo’s work took home the hardware. I REALLY wish Daniel Kaluuya would have gotten his just dues for instilling this film with such charisma and charm, even at times of literal chaos and tyranny. He was truly snubbed and I’m upset. Be upset with me. We can be upset together.

Dunkirk won editing stuff, Phantom Thread won costume stuff, oh hey, Roger Deakins finally won for Cinematography after 14 nominations! That’s pretty cool! And Coco won everything it was nominated for, of course, but the speeches from the crew involved were really poignant and touching. A Fantastic Woman won for Best Foreign Language Film, marking its place in history with its trans protagonist Daniela Vega at the forefront, truly proving she is a fantastic woman! (Please clap.) That movie with the billboards won a bunch of stuff but I didn’t see it and don’t plan to. The performances were beautiful and the presenters did a solid job. Overall, it was easily one of the most predictable award shows of all time, but some of our favourites won so it wasn’t all that bad.


I want to know what YOU thought of the Oscars? Did I capture the essence of the Academy Awards well? Or did I snub one of your favourite moments? Whatever you think, please be sure to let me know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ViewTheVibe!