Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine (Image: Instagram/@AdamLevine)
Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine (Image: Instagram/@AdamLevine)

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Bogus Abuse Allegations
Juice Factor: 8/10

Ok, really? People are crazy. They will do anything to cause drama. Like, report to the police that Adam Levine is already abusing his 2-minute-year-old daughter and wife, Behati Prinsloo. So, the police did their due diligence, showing up at the Levine household unannounced to check out the allegations. Sources say Adam hit his infant daughter in the face and knocked his wife to the ground. Cops determined that was a lie. Apparently, there is no funny business going on and both daughter and wife are unharmed and have no signs of injury. The cops? They’re dismissing the case and will continue watching The Voice.

Will Drake and Kanye EVER get along?
Juice Factor: 9/10

There is hope for this bromance yet. On stage during one of his concerts, Kanye did as Kanye does and went on a rant. He blasted the mic and blasted some choice rappers in the game for copying his flow. Lots of people think he was targeting Drake in particular – but sources on the inside say no no no, Ye has nothing but love for Drake. They hope to one day make music together. Just as long as Drake doesn’t copy Yeezy’s flow, that is.


Blind Item: Editors Beware. One of You is (Secretly) Getting the Ax
Juice Factor: 8/10

Keep your friends close and your… work colleagues even closer? Word on the street is, the editor at a relatively notable online publication may be getting the ax. The reason? Failure to be, well, a good worker. Said editor has been stepping on the toes of publicists and work acquaintances, resulting in the publication getting blacklisted from events and mailing lists. With word making its way back to higher ups, we hear that the editor’s superiors are currently on the hunt for a replacement. Looks like this editor’s reign is coming to an end. But if you’re looking for a job in the biz, this is your chance to swoop in.

Juice Factor: 9.5/10

We’ve scored this piece of gossip at a 9.5 out of 10. The extra half an inch being if Kim actually resurfaces from her long hiatus out of the media. Sources say she has “zero desire” to go back to her old life of being in the public eye and causing a ruckus. Right now? She just wants to be with her kids and her family and alone. The only family member to break the silence has been Khloe Kardashian who appeared on the Ellen show last week. When asked about her sister, Kim, who was recently held up at gunpoint in Paris and robbed, she says “She’s not doing well.” As big fans of Kim – she’s always making news here at Scene & Heard – we wish her all the best during this difficult time. Hope she selfies soon.

One of Kim's last Instagram posts (Image: Instagram/@KimKardashian)
One of Kim’s last Instagram posts (Image: Instagram/@KimKardashian)

Blind Item: Toronto Escort Locks Down Celebrity BF
Juice Factor: 7/10

We’ve seen it in films before, the woman who starts off as a paid date wins the heart of the one who pays (hello, Pretty Woman and Can’t Buy Me Love!) but rarely do we ever hear of it happening IRL. That is, until now. A woman well known to the Toronto party and escort scene has been flaunting more than her ASS-ets on social media. Pictures of her and her world-renowned hubby are sprinkled all over her IG page. While we don’t have word on how their relationship started (Did he meet her through an agency? Is he paying to be with her right now?!), they look pretty lovey-dovey and committed in their photos. Maybe true love is easy to find… if you have enough money or curves like a Kardashian.

FLOTUS Wears Versace to Last State Dinner
Juice Factor: 9/10

Last night, Michelle Obama dazzled in a rose gold Atelier Versace custom gown. We’ve noticed that she’s been pushing the envelope more than ever when it comes to her appearance as her term, sadly, comes to an end. Since being the first lady, Michelle Obama has become a fashion icon. She’s worn some of the most beautiful gowns whilst propelling the careers of burgeoning designers. We’ve looked at her as someone who is changing the external appearance of the First Lady, in addition to all the amazing work she’s done during the past eight years. We hope to keep track of all her looks and accomplishments even after the election.

Image: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Image: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Tyga, Sick From Spending Money on Kylie
Juice Factor 7/10

The lawyer of a famous jewelry company was recently questioning Tyga about a 200K jewelry debt, which he is being taken to court over. When it came to the topic of Kylie Jenner, and the money that the rapper spends on her, he started to feel queasy. He was confused, said he lost his memory and had to postpone the hearing. Very suspicious. So, we’re left to wait for Kylie’s interrogation which may happen soon! Keep reading for updates on this mo’ money mo’ problems saga.

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