It was one of those loooonnnng nightsโ€ฆ first dinner, than a gala, then Nuit Blanche and then my feet hurt, I was freezing and in dire need of a drink. Across the way from one of the Nuit Blanche locations, St. James Park, sparkling lights were twinkling and a lovely place looked warm and inviting. Once closer I saw the sign “AAA” and wondered why I had never been or heard of this place before โ€“ this is somewhat unusual for me. Curious, my friends and I ventured inside.

The warm, cozy, farm-like feel is what I noticed immediately. It was so inviting I wished we’d discovered it a little earlier on in the evening. The wooden plank walls, the big cozy red booths, dark lighting with edison bulbs sparkling everywhere, a fabulous quote by Ernest Hemingway on the back wall and wooden stools that surround the central bar. This is a local haunt that screams “have a seat and get cozy!”. The owner and bartender are having a ball pouring drinks and mingling with their guests. The vibe is amazing.

Tiz Pivetta owns Triple A with Racquel Youtzy who on this particular night was home taking care of the new addition to her family. Tiz comes over and seats us at a high-top table and within minutes I am trying a delicious concoction made by the lovely bartender. We discover they’ve only been open for 2 days and no announcements have been made. They just opened casually to the locals… the place was packed. Given that the former bar was a local haunt (Laide Bar) it is no surprise that some of the former regulars are hanging out enjoying the upgrade.

Given that it was 1am, we couldn’t try the food but of course, I had to ask about it. Texas style BBQ. No surprise โ€“ this trend is going strong these days and funny enough the next day our Ride and Go Feast theme was “Southern BBQ”. Too bad we didn’t know about them earlier! No matter, Triple A is now on our radar and we’re going to check out their five-item menu later this month. That said, I may just pop in there again for one of those delicious cocktails and the amazing vibe before that…

If you’re looking for a cool yet cozy spot with a warm and friendly vibe, Triple A is the place. Lookout for our food review a little later in the month! | 138 Adelaide Street East at Jarvis