An Outdoor Workout Might be the Best Way to Get Back into Shape

Have you ever tried to incorporate the great outdoors into your daily workouts? Or maybe you’re someone just looking to get started and need to ease your way into a consistent routine. Doing an outdoor workout could be a really great option for you. Being in nature with the fresh air and early morning sun in your face is a natural way to get energized and get that lift and motivation. Below is a great outdoor workout for you to try during the summer, fall and spring.

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Outdoor Workouts for All Skill Levels

What’s great about Canadians is no one enjoys the Summer months quite like us. I mean we really relish in it. We see a little sun and temperatures go above 5 degrees and we’re on the nearest patio somewhere. This is most likely because we know it’s not going to last and we know what’s coming; winter. It inevitably always comes and often it’s way too fast – those frigid, cold and unbearable winter months. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the contrast and I think it’s what actually gives us that same ability to appreciate the Summers like we do.

For those of who you want to take advantage of the amazing summer weather here are some great outdoor workouts (no equipment needed) for a great full body tone session to lean up this summer and fall. The great thing is these can all translate well back indoors when it gets too cold to do them outside!

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* Do as many as you can and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the workout.

Outdoor Warm Up

2 minutes light run/jog
Butt Kicks – 30 sec
High Knees – 30 sec
Side shuffle – 30 sec
Skipping (go for height) – 30 sec

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Outdoor Workout: 30-45 min

25 squats
30 seconds jumping jacks
25 push-ups
25 reverse lunges
30 seconds jumping jacks
25 forward lunges
25 push-ups
20 bench step ups, each leg
30 seconds jumping squats
20 sumo squats
30 seconds skaters
25 kick-up reverse lunges
25 bicycle crunches
30 seconds plank hold
25 bicycle crunches
30 seconds plank hold
10 dips on bench or a chair
30 second plank jacks
10 one arm tricep push ups, each arm
25 90-degree crunches
25 opposite arm and leg raises
20 side to side crunches
15 back extensions
10 downdog to plank flows

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Finish it off with some stretches and cool down. Drink lots of water in between to stay hydrated. Best to do these workouts in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler – especially in the summer months.

Please note: This workout is fairly high impact. If you have any injuries, you should modify the exercises to better suit your needs. In addition, the times and amount of reps can also be altered to suit your fitness level. You can also consider going through either portion of the workout more than once depending on your fitness and skill level.