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Thinking about purchasing a home? You’re already well equipped with our handy how-to guide but now it’s time to get down to the really serious stuff – the cost. 

After Trump’s Presidential win, many American’s joked about moving to the great North aka Canadaland. They even crashed Canada’s immigration site, which got RentSeeker.ca, Canada’s largest real estate search website and apartment finder, thinking – if people are really considering moving to Canada, they’re gonna need the facts.

RentSeeker recently released a pretty little infographic with all the average house prices in major cities across North America and the salary you’ll need to purchase them. And while these facts will interest American’s looking to make the move, it’s also great information for Canadians on the hunt for a house in the market right now.

On the map, there are some prices that don’t surprise us at all. For instance, British Columbia and the GTA are home to the highest average prices, with Vancouver’s average house price set at $864,556 and Toronto’s average house price set at $755,755, a slightly lower price than Kelowna’s $785,415.

If you’re looking to get into the market but need something lower (like way, way lower), then consider packing your bags and moving to Fredericton, where the average house price is only $159,370 (for any Americans reading this, Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick aka the Ozarks of the North). Or, you could consider learning a little French and making the move to Quebec! In Trois-Rivieres, the average home price is just $248,503. Even more accessible is a home in Sudbury, where the average house price is $246,425.

Learn more in RentSeeker’s infographic below.

Image: Rentseeker.ca

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