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I’m a coffee addict, which means I drink 2 to 3 large coffees throughout the day. I’ve tried to quit, but I just can’t seem to function without my cups of Joe. Though java leaves me feeling happy, sane, and alive, it has taken a toll on my teeth. Only recently I noticed my teeth weren’t looking as pearly white as they did in my youth, and I was horrified. It was really awful… I didn’t want to smile, and when the camera came out at events I made sure I wasn’t in any pictures. Not having pearly whites was a total confidence sucker and it definitely took a hit on my self esteem.

Well, my friends, this no-white teeth business is no longer the case thanks to Pearl’s Gentle White Ionic Teeth Whitening System. This teeth whitening system is a lot gentler than others on the market – no harsh effects on your enamel.

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Technically this system should be used twice daily for a week to get the best results. I, on the other hand, used the whitening system as needed (like before an event or going out with the besties). I definitely saw results, and not in the Ross Geller on Friends kind of way. My teeth were not fluorescent white, but they were brighter and ‘pearlier’.

The pack comes with a gel formula which you insert into a mouth tray that you pop past your lips to soak on your teeth for 5 minutes. It’s hands-free and seriously idiot-proof, which is always a plus. It’s officially my go-to teeth whitener, and will be for a long time. Hello, pearly whites!

The Pearl Gentle White Ionic Teeth Whitening System is available online for $195.

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