Hot summer days are inherently nostalgic and generally conjure images of lazy hours on the beach, ice cream cones, and nights around the bonfire. Unfortunately, all of that time outside might lead to major breakouts. With the high levels of humidity we’ve been experiencing in Toronto, our oil glands are working over-time and for many of us, that means pimples, pimples, pimples. Luckily, a good facialist can work miracles to rebalance your skin and we’ve found Toronto’s best facials for combating acne.

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Facial at Camden Spa.

Pure + Simple Clear Complexion Facial 
Pure+Simple was built on a philosophy of providing holistic skin care and has become the go-to for many Torontonians with problem skin. Through a combination of natural peels and LED light, this facial is designed to purify and hydrate your complexion. As a luxurious bonus, it includes a scalp, neck, and arm massage.

Glow Day Spa, Outer Peace Acne Relief Treatment
At Glow Day Spa, they understand the need to take a multi-faceted approach to treating acne and this facial does just that. It works to clear your skin, exfoliate, and reduce redness so that your skin’s appearance improves right away while also preventing future breakouts. They recommend three treatments for best results, each one customized to your specific needs so that they will leave your skin clear and glowing.

Stillwater Spa, Medi-Bac Facial
With its soothing interior, the Stillwater Spa is an indulgent escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Enjoy the tranquility while an expert facialist performs a facial specifically developed to relieve adult acne.

Camden Spa, Dermalogica Facial
It isn’t the biggest spa on the block, but at Camden Spa you’re guaranteed personalized service that is tailored to you from start to finish. Through Dermalogica Facial Mapping, your facialist will identify your problem areas and then create a treatment with products specifically selected to soothe your skin.

Glow Medi Spa, Medical Facial
For particularly stubborn blemishes, a medical facial is your best bet. Known for her extensive expertise on nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, owner Dr. Diane Wong, MD oversees each treatment. Through a combination of medical grade skincare products and soothing spa treatments, her team works to address your skin’s specific needs.