Pusateri's Thanksgiving Image
Photo: Courtesy of Pusateri’s

Thanksgiving should be about spending time with people you care about, enjoying a nice meal. Who the heck said that means detracting from said time and spending almost all of it slaving away over a hot stove until you’ve worked yourself into a tizzy, too tired to enjoy the big day? If a nice classic dinner with all the trimmings shared with your loved ones is on your mind, but you haven’t got time to spare to whip up a feast from scratch, don’t worry, this list has got you covered – both with take-out/catering AND dine-in options.


Pusateri's Thanksgiving Image
Photo: Courtesy of Pusateri’s


1. Pusateri’s

Toronto’s upscale grocery-mainstay has got quite the comprehensive Thanksgiving menu available for last-minute orders. If a traditional meal is your thing, and anything less than a stuffed-and-roasted Turkey, traditional sides and yummy seasonal pies won’t do, make sure you place an order (from 4 to 16 people, with total prices ranging from $150-$600 respectively) with these guys off of their prix-fixe Thanksgiving menu.


2. Whole Foods

The good-for-you grocer in Yorkville has a catering service that whips up seasonally appropriate means for groups of 4-8, with prices ranging from $90-$230. Although you’ll have to order off of an a la carte menu, which means there might be a little planning and decision making required on your end, this means more flexibility too if the bread stuffing, roast turkey, or cranberry sauce was never quite your jam.


3. Fairmont Royal York

The skilled chefs at the Fairmont have quite the lovely grab-and-go Thanksgiving meal set-up. Their usual Turkey-to-Go provides you and your guests with all the classiness of the aforementioned roast bird, traditional sides like onion sage stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, and the always-delicious pumpkin tarts with molasses whipped cream for $235 for 4 people, and $375 for 8. Pick up is Sunday October 7th, so place those orders soon!


4. Pickle Barrel

These guys keep up with the family-friendly theme by having their catering service provide a Complete Turkey Dinner. A whole turkey with 1 potato side, 1 vegetable side and either an apple or pumpkin pie comes in at $27.99 per person with a 10 person minimum. Sounds, looks, and tastes good to me!



Prefer to Dine Out?

Here’s some alternatives for those of you who would prefer to dine out for Thanksgiving Dinner, and save the messy cleanup.


1. O&B Oakville

Dining in not quite your thing? Don’t sweat it – the folks at Oliver & Bonacini’s have a three course prix-fixe menu that runs at $33 per person. Enjoy roasted squash soup, roast beef or roast turkey with specially paired sides, and a sweet finish with pumpkin pie cannolis or sweet caramel budinos.


2. Thompson Diner

Want a classic holiday meal is a not-so usual setting? Thompson Diner has you covered. From Friday, October 5 to Sunday, October 8, their kitchen is whipping up a ‘Thanksgiving Plate’ dinner with all the fixings – turkey, bread pudding, sweet potato mash, gravy, brussel sprouts, and duh, cranberry sauce! At only $40 per person, it’s a great deal with even greater convenience.


Enjoy! Share with us your Thanksgiving meals using the #TorontoVIBE hashtag, or slip into our DMs, for a chance to be featured.