Cats are taking over the world. How do we know this? We couldn’t help but notice that Montreal is soon opening doors to the first cat café in Canada and well, that definitely says something. Yes, you heard that right: a cat café! Café Chat L’Heureux, which translates to the Happy Cat Café, will be your ordinary coffee house serving teas, coffees and baked goodies… with the added feature of cats roaming about the store. You’ll never have to sit alone at a coffee shop again!

Cat Cafés were first introduced in East Asia and have since become this oddly popular trend in international coffee shops. So of course Canada had to have one of its own. Cat lovers will finally have a spot to call theirs. A place where they can sip their coffees with their friendly felines by their side. A place where others would dare not call you a ‘Weird Cat Lady’ (or man). With felines frolicking about, you can guarantee that your next cup of coffee will be filled with purr-fect joy.

Check out their Facebook page for more info!

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