Chi Junky Wellness Concierge & Private Yoga Studio is the latest wellness sanctuary to spring up in Leslieville. Founded by the multi-talented Rachelle Wintzen, Chi Junky is built around individually tailored services such as naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, personal trainers, nutritional counseling and yoga.

“The Chi Junky concept was formed from the idea that a better quality of life is always possible,” says Wintzen.


A former professional dancer, Wintzen’s budding career was cut short due to injury. Taking a 180-degree turn from discipline to debauchery, she escaped to New York City and entrenched herself in the raging nightlife scene. After a decade in a business marked by late nights and a listless regard for her health, she decided it was time to flip the switch on a degenerating lifestyle.

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She vowed to dedicate one year of her life to a radical detox. Wintzen travelled to Belize and developed an insatiable addiction to living well – she’d become a junky, for the chi.


She now holds certifications as a yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, iridologist, and colon hydro-therapist. Chi Junky is the tangible expression of her passion and her journey – adorned for a high-end clientele and those who are looking to get hooked on living well.

“For me [Chi Junky] is more than just a catchphrase,” Wintzen explains. “I’m living proof of it. And it’s my mission to help others experience the incredible benefits of clean living.”

Chi Junky incorporates a personal and private approach to body and mind wellness counseling. Clients can expect a range of accessible services from movement therapy, food therapy and private yoga, to clean meal delivery or pickup, personal in-home holistic chef services, and complete customized wellness plans. Small group open yoga is also offered for $35 at the studio in groups no larger than four, and includes the use of mats and yoga equipment as well as tea service.


Wintzen has assembled her team of practitioners through her own personal circle – those who she’s worked with and trusts. If Chi Junky doesn’t offer a particular service in house, the Wellness Concierge will locate the best provider and arrange an appointment for a client.


Consultations and sessions are by appointment only to ensure minimal traffic in the studio.

Visit Chi Junky online for additional information.