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Have you ever sat down for dinner and thought, “hey, this steak would taste so much better if I were eating it in a castle?” Nope? Maybe we have high standards, maybe we’re bougie, but we’re not the only ones. Liberty Entertainment Group is finally making good on their promise to open a steak house inside Casa Loma – something they had mentioned about a year ago.

The restaurant is set to open under the name Blue Blood Steakhouse, it’s location being advertised as 1 Austin Terrace, aka Casa Loma. Early reports stated the restaurant would include 140 seats inside, plus a 120-seat patio to be used during the warmer months. According to the report, Blue Blood Steakhouse will also be friendly and affordable, serving aged-in-house steaks, along with organic vegetables grown on-site.

Sounds dreamy and delicious (but we’re not surprised!). Over the past couple years, Casa Loma has grown to be a huge tourist attraction with many other popular events taking place amidst the castle walls and grounds. You can also thank Liberty Entertainment Group for that! Other attractions they’ve organized at Casa Loma include The Beauty and the Beast, Magical Winter Wonderland, Legends of Horror, Casa Loma’s Haunted House and more.

An opening date for Blue Blood Steakhouse has not yet been provided, although it’s expected to open later this year. Is it too early to start sharpening our steak knives?

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