casper mattress review

By now, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about Casper. The company took the mattress industry by storm by offering mattresses in a box — something that no one had ever seen before — and delivered them straight to customers’ homes. In 2015, Casper was voted one of the best inventions by Time Magazine, and today, they offer three types of mattresses; the Essential, the Wave and the Casper, as well as pillows, sheets, duvets and bed frames.

With a number of copy cat companies popping up, I was curious to see what half a million customers were raving about, and decided to purchase a mattress for myself.

The Order

After testing the mattress at a pop-up at West Elm a few months prior and reviewing the three options online, my partner and I were ready to make the jump and order one for ourselves. We went with the Casper, which cost $1075 for a full, and is the company’s most popular offering. While we had saved up for the big buy, Casper offers shoppers Sleep Now, Pay Later plans through PayBright, where they can pay monthly for up to 6 months with 0% interest. Once we placed the order, the mattress was at our front door within 3 days.

casper mattress review

The Unboxing

Don’t let the box fool you — despite its compact size, the box itself still contains a full mattress and you may need a hand getting it to your room. However, I found that most of the hard work was in removing my old mattress before plopping my new Casper on the boxspring. The mattress comes vacuum sealed and starts expanding as soon as the plastic is removed. After about 10 minutes, the mattress had fully expanded and was ready to be made.

casper mattress review

The Conclusion

Deciding to buy a Casper mattress was one of the biggest purchasing decisions I’ve made in a while, but it was also one of the smartest. Someone once told me, you should always splurge on the two things that keep you separated from the floor: shoes and a mattress. It’s advice I’ve always followed with footwear, and advice I’m glad I followed when it came to a good night’s rest. Prior to my Casper, my mattress was almost a decade old; stained and sunken in. Now I sleep atop a memory foam mattress with a springy top layer, that’s firm, yet soft, all at the same time. Pair it with a set of Casper’s soft as snow pillows, and you’ve got yourself the best sleep you’ve ever had. And if you don’t believe me, try it yourself! Casper offers a 100 night trial and if you don’t love it, you’ll get your money back, guaranteed.

casper mattress review

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Do you have a Casper mattress? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section.