Nobilo Wine and MSC Sustainable Seafood - View the VIBE Toronto

There are three things I want you to know off the bat. October is National Seafood Month, sustainability is really important to me and wine paired with fish is delish! It must be true because it rhymes. Now you know all of that, behold – an evening of sustainable fish eating and supping delightful Nobilo wine.

Before we dive into the fish feast, I wanted to have a quick chat about the ocean. Fish are one of the last remaining foods that are caught or hunted wild. Ethically and ecologically, this needs to be nurtured. Luckily more and more fisheries and big businesses are committing to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and you can commit to upholding global health too by looking for the MSC labels on the fish you buy.

Fish Serving at MSC dinner | View the VIBE Toronto
Photo: Joel Levy

Canada is surrounded by a vast coastline, but the country is so huge that not all of us have easy access to the ocean. One country totally dominated by their relationship with the sea is New Zealand. With this in mind, Nobilo wines, some of New Zealand’s finest, have partnered with the MSC to promote sustainability and delicious pairings! Another fun fact for guy; for every hectare of land use to harvest wine, Nobilo plants a new native plant each yeah.

First up we paired their zesty Sauvingnon, readily available at the LCBO, with MSC certified cold water shrimp from Quebec in a tropical Ceviche. Summer might be over, be ceviches are for life and are an excellent light starter!

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Be still be autumnal heart, the lobster saffron risotto we sampled next was a rich, creamy joy, non traditionally paired with a rarer Nobilo Icon Sauvingnon Blanc. While I would usually swill a red with a risotto, this was surprisingly complimentary.

I wasn’t disappointed when a red finally came my way; the Icon Pinot Noir was new but delicious and was a perfect pairing to the cod, puff pastry, tomato, ricotta, cream egg and basil tart our evening ended with. So much yum.

Nobilo Wines at MSC Dinner | View the VIBE Toronto
Photo: Joel Levy

Speaking of all of the yum, you might be reading this wondering how these dishes apply to you if you aren’t out having a lovely chef to table experience like I was. Well you should know that these dishes are really easy to make at home, and with MSC fish clearly labelled these days, there is no excuse for you not to create something healthy – not just for you, but for the planet! The wine, of course, is a glorious bonus.

So, cheers to a Fishy October, and to staying woke about our food options and sustainability. Thank you, Nobilo and MSC for opening my eyes and inspiring my inner chef to create and replicate at home!