cold brews & iced coffees in toronto
best iced coffee & cold brews in toronto
Pilot Cold Brews (Image: Instagram/@pilotcoffee)

If you’re like me, staying caffeinated and cool in the summer can be hard. While the city seems to have having a huge cold brew boom happening, what about other caffeinated beverages that will give you that extra pep in your step. They exist and we’ve got the low-down goods on where to go, see below:

Pilot Cold Brew

Available in cans and 4-packs across the city, Pilot Coffee Roasters cold brew is made with tender, loving care. Brewed with cold water over a long period of time, it has more caffeine and less acidity. Each can of Pilot’s cold brew is nitro infused, so you’re left with a cool, creamy and rich product.

Reunion Island Cascara Fizz

Each summer, Reunion Island develops their very own summer drink menu that we can’t get enough of. This year, they have introduced the Cascara Fizz, a refreshing iced drink made from coffee cherries. Using cascara syrup and soda water, the drink provides that caffeine buzz required alongside a light, easy to drink taste. Also worth noting, cascara is the big trend this year in coffee.

iced coffees in toronto
Reunion Island’s line-up of cold drinks: Cascara Fizz, Horchata Shaker, Cold Brewed Cascara Iced Tea, Cold Brew & Tonic and the Cold Brew Mint Julep (Image: Instagram/@ricoffeeco)

Arvo Coffee Matcha Tonic

Matcha is everywhere these days! While you may have spent your winter time whipping up matcha lattes, Arvo Coffee in the Distillery District has prepared a take on the matcha that is not only extremely healthy but also delicious. Using matcha green tea powder and tonic water, the drink is effervescent and light — a hit!

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Jimmy’s Coffee JVO

If you’re basic like me, then you can’t resist the drinks menu at Starbucks. Thankfully, Jimmy’s Coffee has taken a crack at the iced caramel macchiato with their JVO (aka Jimmy’s Very Own). This iced vanilla latte has a caramel drizzle, which will make your mouth so happy. The espresso is smooth with just the right amount of caramel drizzle. Go order it and embrace your basic-ness.

iced coffees in toronto
Jimmy’s Coffee JVO (Image: Instagram/@jimmys_coffee)

Dineen Coffee Iced Mocha

If you’re looking for a coffee infused treat with less caffeine, then Dineen’s Iced Mocha might hit the spot for you. For those who like things a little sweeter, this is like ordering a hot chocolate in a cold cup. So cool down and kick back with one of these in Dineen’s beautiful cafe.

Station Cold Brew

Station Cold Brew Coffee Company launched in 2014 as Canada’s “first coffee brewery” located in the Junction Triangle. Taking a nod from the craft beer scene, Station batch brews and bottles their cold coffee product infused with nitrogen. Using coffee beans from Hale Coffee Roasters, the secret recipe sweet, bright and of course, creamy.

iced coffees in toronto
Station Cold Brew (Image: Instagram/@millardo)

HotBlack Coffee Iced Mint Chocolate Latte

Do you like chocolate? Coffee? Mint? All the above? If so, you’ve got to try an Iced Mint Chocolate Latte at HotBlack Coffee to curb your caffeine and chocolate cravings. Envisioned by barista Momiji Kishi, this iced drink will leave you feeling some kind of way. But really, their entire summer drink menu is worth checking out.

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