As many a man can attest, seeing the hashtag #ValentinesDayIsComing on Twitter is extremely nerve-wracking. No matter how long you have been seeing someone, Valentine’s Day gift shopping is an exercise in anxiety. The modern woman won’t just settle for chocolates and flowers, and who has room in their condo for a teddy bear? Let’s be real, plush animals are horrible feng shui.

When in doubt for Valentine’s Day, we always suggest bling. As a great philosopher once said, “If you like it, you should put a ring on it!” For Valentine’s Day 2015, Vv Magazine and Suetables are teaming up to give you the chance to present your lady with not one but THREE rings on the Pia Trinity necklace. Strung on a ball chain, the triple rings are made from sterling silver and can be hand-stamped with up to nine letters (per ring) of your choice. We suggest getting creative like, “U R HOT” or “I <3 UR CAT.” Or you can do something boring like your names or “I LOVE YOU” or whatever.

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If she’s a superfan of 50 Shades of Grey (read: isn’t everybody?) and can’t wait for the movie, she’ll love knowing that one of the film’s stars, Rachel Skarsten, is the main model behind Suetables’ most recent campaign. She has also collaborated with them for a custom signet ring based on the film, called “50 Shades of Rachel” (available here).

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So how exactly do you win this awesome prize from Suetables? It’s easy. Are you a Canadian citizen living in Canada, and are you 19 years of age or over? Well, if you’ve met all that criteria, then all you have to do is comment below with what you want to write on the Pia Trinity necklace rings, and you’ll be entered to win!

Want a second entry? Doesn’t everybody? Follow Vv Magazine on Twitter and tweet us what you want to write on the rings plus @Suetables and #VvGiveaways.

Note: If you’re not following us or don’t include the hashtag, your second entry is not valid. It’s all about the details, people. Good luck!

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Winner will be announced on February 6th, 2015.