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We’re all familiar with Uber, Lyft and Instaryde to help us get around the city but now Toronto has a brand new option for ridesharing called DriveHer. Created by co-founder and CEO Aisha Addo, DriverHer is a ridesharing app where both the driver and passengers are women. And only women.

DriverHer Logo
DriverHer – MezCreatives

“I just want women to feel safe when they are on a ride,” says Addo.

The idea for DriveHer sprouted from an uncomfortable experience Addo had with a male taxi driver two years ago. Knowing that there were many other women in the GTA that have gone through similar experiences, Addo took action. Fast foward to March 2018, DriverHer is now available for women and transwomen to use.

Besides offering safe and comfortable rides, the ridesharing app also aims to create a sense of community while inspiring women in an industry where 85.1% of ridesharing drivers are male.

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Aside from being a female only service, the app itself isn’t much different from other ridesharing apps. It includes familiar features like pre scheduling rides, safety tips and built-in emergency buttons.


Sorry boys but if you are the sole passenger then you won’t be allowed to use this app. However, if you happen to be the companion to a woman using the app then there might be a chance for you to tag along as long as you get dropped off before your female companion. Keep in mind, the driver still has the ultimate choice in letting you in or referring you to another transportation alternative.

Non-gender conforming?

DriverHer is still working towards making it accessible to those who don’t identify with any gender.

For more updates on DriverHer, you can visit their website. Until then the DriveHer app is currently available for download at the Google Play and Apple App store.