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    York Raw/Vegan Festival with Yoga ​

    July 11, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


    Enjoy the tastes of the York Raw/Vegan Festival with Yoga for all Foodies, with free admission to all exhibits, delicious food demos, samplings, & speakers by GTA’s leading raw/vegan chefs as well as cruelty-free cosmetics, and health care products and services.
    Co- founder Patty says that ”Veganism is becoming more acceptable internationally especially when the UN said it could save the world from destruction.”

    Some Highlights To Look Forward to from the Festival:
    European Osteopathic Soma Training by Chris King: increase your performance & lessen your chance of injury by using the body’s Myofascial meridians, used by Tiger Woods, Dallas Stars, and more.

    Subtle Physical Wellness by Dr. Ted Savenchenko, S.C., learn Siberian Quiet Qi-Gong Healing, a breathing technique capable of safely healing about 150 diseases from which 90% of humanity suffers. (under wraps since 1952 in Russia because it may have collapsed the whole medical system that uses drugs)


    How to Heal Yourself by Brian Gangel; dental dilemma, parasites, virus & bacteria, toxic food supply, digestive death, sleep issues, stress & the adrenal connection & finally Vastu (the secret science).

    Healing with Nature by Garry Tibbo, author of 5 Weeds, 5 Trees, 5 Tools; how nature eats by seasons and certain compounds to eat on a regular basis, and things to improve our food supply and become self-sufficient.

    New Technology Fashion by Regg Miller: See the new technology in cotton that pulls moisture from the skin for more comfort and breathability, called active cotton.

    Taste these Unique Products:
    Coconut; Jam, Raw Nectar, Vinegar, Sugar, Raw and gluten-free Flour, Oil, cold-pressed Soaps, Hand and Body Cream and Pure Body Oils the only Olive Oil in the world that is ice pressed (30 x colder).

  • Know of any events that you think should be listed?
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