Image: Provided by FlightHub
Image: Provided by FlightHub

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Guess what? Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, and Canadian travellers are looking to head home to visit family, which means they’re also hunting for flight deals. If the recently announced Canadian recession is weighing heavy on your mind (and wallet), you’re likely on the lookout for ways to cut costs. FlightHub, cheap flights expert and the largest Canadian online travel agency, is here with their top 4 ways to save money on holiday travel bookings.

Consider booking a flight with a long layover

One of the few ways that consumers can save money is to book layover flights as they are usually less expensive. Direct flights are in much higher demand—expedited travel process and whatnot—so booking a flight with a longer layover can typically result in more money saved. Sure, it takes longer, but you can squeeze in some leisurely airport shopping or cozy up to the airport bar mid-trip. Before choosing your layover airport, check out this handy list of airports that FlightHub considers the most entertaining.

Book domestic/North American flights 4-6 weeks early

Here’s where doing your research really pays off. Combining a series of FlightHub monthly pricing reports and predictive tools can give consumers a fair estimate of how early they should book for optimal savings. When it comes to domestic and North American travel, Canadians should book 4-6 weeks before their desired departure date. Central and South America require slightly less time (3-6 weeks) and the Caribbean even less (2-4 weeks, for impromptu sun-soaked vacays). European countries require an average of 26 weeks’ notice, so if you’re Europe-bound during the holidays, don’t wait another second to book as you may already be facing elevated holiday pricing.

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Set up a fare alert to monitor prices for you

There are few things as annoying and time-consuming as monitoring flight prices for good deals. Airline pricing is similar to the stock market: Hard to predict when the cost of flights will rise and fall. FlightHub seized the opportunity and created their own system that monitors price changes for travellers. Just set up an alert for a specific destination and departure time, and you’ll receive a daily email alerting you if the price has changed. This way, if the price drops, Canadian travellers are among the first to snatch up a great price.

Leave mid-week for optimal savings

Forget TGIF. Flights leaving Thursday through Monday are pricier than the rest of the week, with Saturdays and Sundays being the most expensive. The majority of travellers are unable to leave mid-week for work, family or other reasons, and the travel industry capitalizes on this fact. If you’re able to do so, it’s recommended to leave on a Tuesday/Wednesday for a chance at a better fare. Added bonus: extra time to get the jet lag out of your system before the weekend rolls around.

Booking flights can be a time-consuming headache when travellers are price-conscious and on the lookout for a great deal. Cheap flights are not easy to come by—it takes constant spy-level monitoring, a lot of effort, and a decent knowledge of the travel industry in order to bag a bargain. To prep for this Thanksgiving, do what you can to save money on your travels so that you can focus on the family time and fun ahead (and have a little left over for those leather booties you’ve been coveting).

Guest contributor: Juan Ferrer, FlightHub 

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