I met Andrew a little over 1 year ago and immediately wondered about this interesting creature – he is quirky, knowledgeable, well-traveled and pretty much careless of what anyone else thinks of him. I love people like this – they know what they want and they go after it no matter what. You could say, I’m a very similar creature… After spending more time with him experiencing some incredible Toronto meals together, I came to admire his writing, how often he posts and what he posts about.  His blog www.DobbernationLoves.com is not just about restaurants; he offers his readers amazing posts about his worldwide travels, the lifestyle and art scenes in various cities, some great recipes that he likes to make at home, and of course, some amazing chef tastings he’s had the pleasure to experience – a fun blog that’s also very informational and has you drooling over the pictures and he’s even tried his hand at vlogging! All this he has built while having a full time job – very admirable.

A couple of months ago, he quit his job and decided to go on a 1-month trip. He covered some interesting countries including Iceland, Finland and Sweden. Back from his trip, his posts have been coming out by the dozen and every one makes me drool… some of the food he got to experience looks and sounds incredible. I’ve seen him out a few times since getting back and every time he’s got another project on the go. I say good luck and keep it up! Whatever you’re doing seems to be working!  Find out more about Andrew Dobson in the 10 questions we sent him to answer…


When and why did you start writing about food?
I started writing about food in University when I was studying Hotel and Food Administration at the University of Guelph.

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What do you love most about food?
The social interactions and excitement associated with dining.

What do you do when you aren’t writing about or eating food?
I also enjoy showcasing travel destinations and visiting museums, art galleries, festivals and theatre.

Do you cook? If so, what’s your specialty? If not, why?
I love to cook. I worked as a baker when I was younger and also studied culinary management. My family have always said my first cooking experience was when I was 5 years old making brownies at the cottage. I was hooked!

What’s your favourite type of food(s) and where do you go to get it?
I don’t have a favourite type of food. I like to hunt out authentic experiences. I have traveled to over 60 countries now and these experiences have helped shape my culinary profile. I am just as happy eating at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Stockholm as I am to be munching on a two dollar plate of Pad Thai in Bangkok.

What’s your favourite hidden gem?
In Toronto I’m a little obsessed with restaurants that speak to the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Restaurants such as The Golden Turtle or Country Style Hungarian may look out-dated and grubby from the outside but serve up amazingly authentic (and affordable eats).

What’s your go-to restaurant?
I rarely eat at a restaurant more than once. My go to restaurant is whatever has just opened.

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?
Oh so many: dinner at San Fran’s Chez Pannisse with owner Alice Waters, a hot pizza I ordered at the Florence train station that I ate on my journey to Zurich and a famous fish restaurant in Iceland which serves up the freshest fish on earth.

What’s one restaurant you have to try before you die?
The French Laundry

What’s your biggest restaurant pet peeve? (Play nice.)
I hate restaurants that serve lemon wedges with pits in them. I stare down and look at them in disbelief. They are basically bullets. People can choke on these!