GlutenFreedom Week is back and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. Running from November 8 to 15, 2014 at some of Toronto’s best eateries, the participating restaurants will offer a three-course gluten-free meal that is both specially crafted and delicious. Think a quarter BBQ’d hen tossed in salsa verde with white cheddar grits and kale caesar salad – these menus ain’t just about steak and veggies! GlutenFreedom Week encourages chefs to think outside the box so they can bring gluten allergy sufferers unique and tasty options to enjoy on their night out.


An initiative started by Rachael Hunt earlier in the year, this marks the second Toronto GlutenFreedom Week (with the first one having launched in May 2014). Rachael has already evolved the concept and brought in new partner Rachel Bies of Rachel Bies Nutrition and together they hope to raise awareness to the importance and increasing number of gluten sufferers.

Not only has the GlutenFreedom team grown, so have the restaurants and the fun initiatives associated with the week. First off, if you’re a gluten sufferer and you hang out at coffee shops during the day, Aroma Espresso Bar has your back. Throughout the week, they will be offering a free beverage with the purchase of one of their gluten-free breakfast and/or lunch options. While many coffee shops already offer gluten-free choices, Aroma is making a conscious effort to welcome the gluten-free community into their world by offering most of their breakfast and lunch menu items in a gluten free alternative. Even their sandwiches and pastries can be made gluten free. Well done, Aroma!


Another fun addition to the GlutenFreedom cause is the new series of “pop ups” they’ve introduced. On specific nights, people can enjoy one-off pop up menus by some of Toronto’s finest chefs and restaurants. The first is at Lisa Marie on October 23, followed by another at Porzia on October 26 – not bad choices! These one-night events will be taking place on a consistent basis, so no worries if you miss out on the first two.

It is quite an initiative that these two women have undertaken, but there’s no doubt that Toronto’s many gluten sufferers will be very appreciative — especially with a line-up of restaurants that includes The Good Son, THR&Co, and Mata Petisco Bar, among others. GlutenFreedom Week is not to be ignored – even if you like gluten!

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