hand and stone massage and facial spa review

Need a little pampering but don’t know where to go? Vv Magazine’s Aly Zorn gives us the details on what a treatment at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is like.  

These days getting a facial is somewhat of a process – there’s an overwhelming pool of options to choose from and there seems to be a plethora of spas lining the streets. Add in the fact of sensitive skin and “treat yo’ self” is more like “overwhelm yo’ self” with the fear of becoming victim to a not-so-good experience. 

While being jaded from past spa experiences sucks (hello itchy, red skin and acne that wasn’t there before,) it also has made me all the more careful when it comes to letting people put things on my face. That’s why when I say you should check out Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa at 578 College Street, I really mean it!

hand and stone massage and facial spa review
Inside Hand & Stone

Not only are the prices affordable (a major plus), but they have a number of massage and facial services crafted to meet your individual needs. They don’t just slap the same old potion on everyone that walks in, they carefully match your specific areas of concern to whatever product(s) will work best.

I decided to go with Hand & Stone’s Classic Facial ($99.95 or $69.95 for members) as I wanted to reduce oil and congestion, but didn’t want to undergo something too intense. That being said, my face is complicated and  can be fickle… despite being oily, it can get dry in other areas so I was concerned about having too much exfoliation or not enough in the needed places.

The esthetician on hand quickly took care of these worries as she made sure to focus aspects of the facial only on specific areas – a little more exfoliation in the T-zone and a more gentle approach in the remaining areas.

hand and stone massage and facial spa
Inside Hand & Stone

The facial itself lasted about 40 minutes and I underwent cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and massage. There was even a part where a device blew hot steam over my skin which feels like it sounds – like your face is in its own private sauna. Deep relaxation is inevitable.

What was even more relaxing was the Express Swedish massage ($54.95 or $44.95 for members) I got before the facial. Once again, the massage services are also flexible. A registered massage therapist makes sure to specify if certain areas should be avoided and how deep you’d like the massage to be.   

After everything was said and done I left feeling revitalized and relaxed. A lot of the tension in my neck and shoulders had disappeared and the effects of the facial were immediate. My skin felt fresh and supple, but what most amazed me was I experienced no redness at all.

Hand and stone massage and facial spa review
Inside a Hand & Stone treatment room

In the past, I’ve always walked out of a facial self-conscious with slightly inflamed skin, so I was happily surprised when this wasn’t an issue. If you’re looking to treat yo self, cut the BS and head over to Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa!

If you’re a spa regular, I would highly recommend becoming a member with Hand & Stone Spa. Sign up free of charge and get access to member’s discounts on every service. See Hand & Stone locations here.

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