Reno’ Do’s and Don’ts from an HGTV expert

Time changes everything. As we change, so does our style, our desires, our homes. I want to celebrate change with you whether you’re growing up, growing older or becoming an empty nester. Starting over and doing it your way – maybe for the first time ever – is very exciting.

Let’s explore together ways to re-look at your life, how you live in your home and how you can set it up for the life you want to live RIGHT NOW!

Tiffany Pratt - Kitchen remodel 2 - View the VIBE
Prince Edward County Reno’ (Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Pratt)

Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Three things that come to my mind when I think about getting the ‘MOST’ of a space are: organization, proper floor planning and colour. Often it is hard for us to look at the rooms in our home differently than how they are currently laid out. If you take the time to get rid of what that you do not need, you can avoid stuffing a bunch of things in a room – and this in itself helps you get organized. Finally, colour. If you freshen up the walls, paint the ceiling a fun colour, or even repaint your doors and baseboards, you will find that something in the room has been greatly shifted. I love using paint with high coverage so you don’t have do more than two coats. Behr Marquee colours are amazing because they are rich with incredible coverage. My kitchen is painted in Dutchess Dawn and it looks so cozy! Just a simple coat of paint can really equate to transformation in the best and most basic way.

Tiffany Pratt - Kitchen Remodel - View the VIBE
Prince Edward County Reno’ (Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Pratt)

The Biggest Reno’ Mistakes to Avoid

Do not rush ANYTHING. Especially the planning and preparation before you start. I love asking for help in the early stages of a reno’ to truly understand where I can save, and where I need to spend. Everyone has a Home Depot close by and they have an incredible team of experts that can be easily accessed for questions and ideas! Do not rush the reno’. Start during a season that won’t force you to complete it before a certain time. This way, if things go sideways, you are not panicked and things can be fixed properly. DO NOT RUSH the decoration of a space after the reno’ is complete. I think it’s best to live in the home or room in its new form before you really know how you want to furnish it.

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Tiffany Pratt - Kitchen remodel 3 - View the VIBE
Prince Edward County Reno’s (Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Pratt)

Small Touches That Create a Big Impact

I love using unexpected tiles, putting art in a kitchen, mixing old and new items in a kitchen and great collections of glassware is always fun. Keeping decor fresh and clean, while still making it look like a place where you can whip up a batch of brownies is the goal. Also, purposeful placement of storage and appliances is also great for impact and function. Changing the cabinetry colour or surface texture is a bigger, but very impactful touch that can really transform a kitchen! Home Depot has a service called ReNuIt that refaces your cabinetry to look brand-new! I am in love with it! Lastly – colour! Always pick a fun colourful item to go in the room. The kitchen is the hub of the home and should make us feel happy just being there!