Holiday Party Style
Photo: Pexels

With the infamous Office Christmas Party just around the corner, many of our great readers are trying to find the perfect outfit for this great night. Not all Christmas parties are the same feel, and whether you are heading out to a game board cafรฉ, or enjoying an open bar at an exclusive club, we have brought together the perfect mix of classy and fun outfits that will be sure to wow your boss at this years Christmas event!

Relaxed Party

When you are dressing for an informal Christmas party, the key to success is finding a great statement accessory and a fun t-shirt. If you are looking for the perfect t-shirt, there are some fantastic designs available when you are looking to design custom shirts online, and these tools from some of the leaders in the industry will ensure you have the perfect t-shirt for your event. With the excellent design tool, you can personalize the ideal Christmas t-shirt to wow your coworkers. For the rest of the outfit, try a great pair of leggings or faux leather pants, a solid colour boot and a statement necklace to pull it all together. A relaxed Christmas party is always a good time, and when you are looking great, it is incredible.

Classy Party

If you are with a company that likes to class it up, there are some great outfit options for you to feel your best! Letโ€™s start with the shoes; you need to find something that is classy, and yet wonโ€™t kill your feet. If you are one that can handle a heel, a strappy stiletto is perfect, and a black or nude heel will ensure you get some height without sacrificing your long legs. Match this with a knee length or calf length sleek dress that can hug your curves, and ensure that you can enjoy the night. Finally, it would help if you found that perfect clutch that will pull the outfit together, and make sure it is big enough to fit your phone so you can enjoy those great bathroom selfies.

In-office Party

When your company is celebrating the holiday season with an in-house Christmas party, you need to find an outfit that can transition from office to night ware with one or two accessories. Try and find a great dress that will work at night, but can pair perfectly with a cardigan to ensure it is office appropriate. You might want to bring a great pair of flats for the day, and change into some cute pumps for the evening reception. Finally, take advantage of the ability to bring accessories or a scarf to the office, and play mix and match before the party. An in-house party is an excellent opportunity to find your style, and enjoy an evening out with your best friends at work.

Creative Party

Finally, if you are attending a more creative party, it is your opportunity to shine. You can find your spark, and no matter if you are looking to wear a flashy dress or shoes, you will fall in love with your outfit. Try and find a couple of great pieces, and make sure that they are the focus of your gear. Whether it be a fantastic pair of glittery pumps or a neon skirt, your creative office Christmas party outfit will be the perfect Christmas outfit.

So what is your go-to Christmas party outfit for your office Christmas Party in 2019? No matter if you are attending an office Christmas party that is creative or classy or something in between, we have you covered! Comment below, and tell us what would make that perfect Christmas party outfit just a little bit better.