Toronto Home Value - View the VIBE
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The housing market in Toronto is heating up, and when you are looking to increase the value of your Toronto Home in 2019, some great options are moving forward. Whether you are looking for a quick fix, or something a little more significant, here are some great ways in how you can increase the value of your Toronto home!

Windows and Doors

With the rising hydro prices in this province, windows and doors are one of the best ways to not only save money but to increase the value of your home. If you are in an older home updating your single pane windows to eco-efficient double pane windows will do wonders for your resale value. While upgrading exterior doors, sliding doors and of course your front door will ensure your entries are well insulated, weatherproofed, and most importantly, able to keep the heat in during the winter and the cold during the summer! There are some great options in and around Toronto for this kind of work, but the most important thing is to find a company that excels at installation, and has the style you are looking for in your home!

Interior and Exterior Painting

If you are looking for a great cheap way to increase your home value, it might be time to look at the magic a new coat of paint can do for your home. Painting your house can do wonders for the overall value of your home, and although it might seem like a moot point, it is worth investing in if you are thinking of selling. If you are thinking of painting, make sure to look around for a great company, as a premium painting company will find the perfect blend of colours to make your home pop. From exterior painting to interior work, a coat of paint can make a world of difference on your final sale price, and the right set of professionals will be able to deliver quality work in a fraction of the time in which you can do it yourself.


Flooring is an essential part of your home, and when you are looking for a significant investment to increase the overall value of your home, flooring is a great option. You can choose to switch your laminate flooring in your main areas to hardwood, or if you are looking to get real fancy, you can look at bamboo or cork. Plus, for those who are looking to re-do their entire home, heated tile is all the rage in the top Toronto homes, and is worth a consideration if you are looking to build value into your renovation. The possibilities are endless, but the most important thing is to ensure that your flooring accents your entire home, and feature it proudly when you are looking to sell.


It has been often said that the kitchen is the most critical part of the home, and when you are looking to build value into your Toronto home, the kitchen is a great place to invest. This is usually a more extensive renovation, but when you are looking at building value, it is a worthwhile investment moving forward. From installing new counters to replacing existing cabinets, a facelift on your kitchen can go a long way to ensuring that your home maintains and gains resale value.

With 2018 quickly coming to an end, what are you looking forward to investing in 2019 to improve the value of your home? Comment below, and tell us what part of your home you would improve in 2019 if you had an unlimited budget!