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Image: Facebook/Donald J. Trump

If you’re still in shock, you’re not the only one. The entire globe was on the edge of their seat waiting for the election results to come in. See how the Internet reacted when Donald Trump was announced the next president of the United States below. 

Last night, the whole world tuned into what was possibly the most nail-biting election in history. While it looked as if Hillary Clinton was in favour of being elected, the night unfolded into a shocking twist as Donald Trump gained the majority vote in state, after state, after state.

Some are happy, many are sad, others are furious and there’s a daunting cloud of uncertainty hanging over much of the world right now. Prior to the final count, a ton of celebrities including Beyonce, Meryl Streep, George Clooney and more publicly shared their votes for Clinton, while others like Amy Schumer, Samuel L. Jackson, and Miley Cyrus threatened to move to Canada if Trump won.

The immigration Canada website crashed, and a tourism company for Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, even advertised, “Donald Trump may become the next president of your country. If that happens, and you decide to get the hell out of there, might I suggest moving to Cape Breton Island?” Will we be seeing Americans flocking to Canada? Only time will tell, but here’s how the internet is reacting:

Lady Gaga resorted to prayer:

Katy Perry is planning a revolution?

Madonna looks hella serious in a selfie:

Chris Evans is embarrassed for humanity:

Brittany Snow may be fleeing to Canada:

Rashida Jones brings up a REALLY good point:

Cher thinks it’s a sh*t show:

Sarah Silverman thinks Russia will take over:

Lorde is in utter shock:
Ben Stiller is convinced it’s all a dream:

Snoop Dogg is super depressed:

Amy Schumer still has hope:

Seth Macfarlane thinks Trump is an animal:

Lily Allen thinks we should build our own wall:

Bella Hadid thinks it’s f*cking nuts:

Santa Claus is cancelling Christmas:


The general public has a lot to say too…

This guy has a message for his children:

Orange is not the new black:

This airline suggests booking a flight fast:


Food for thought:

Chocolate woes don’t seem so bad now:

We should have listened to the Simpsons:

Then someone found this picture of the Canadian border:

Image: Imgur/Onlyln

Another shot of the Canadian border:

And of course Trump had something to say about his win:

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