The DL on Biebs’ stop for Tims, What’s Cookin’, Where you should Shop, and Santa’s Comeback!

It’s back! 2-weeks ago we relaunched our new and improved #GossipGrill column and super stoked with the feedback received. We’re just as excited you are to have it back and “reimagined” if you will.

Our new and improved Gossip Grill column is in our best efforts to keep you informed and in anticipation on what the ‘Word on the Street’ is in the 6ix. We always do our best to research, validate and confirm the details mentioned, but don’t hold us to it. After all, it is the ‘Word on the Street’. For those times where we may come close, but not quite, forgive us in advance. We tried! The intention is never to shame, but more so to keep YOU, our loyal readers up-to-date on whats happening in our own backyards.

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What’s Cookin’ in the Kitchens?

For all you Canyon creek lovers, we have bad news, our sources tell us that the brand is eventually going to be obsolete. They will begin to phase them out very soon. According to what we heard, SIR Corp is working on a new model of Reds, Jack Astor’s, and Scaddabush restaurants which will be smaller seat restaurants and some with drive thru windows as well.


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Have you ever gone through YYZ and stopped for a meal at any of the iPad restaurants, owned by OTG, in the airport before a flight? Well, beware to soon be picking something new of the menu as the word on the street is that their Executive Chef is on his way out. Our sources tell us that he is on his way to a bigger and better new role with Cineplex. What does this mean for Cineplex? Don’t worry, chances are your favourite popcorn and nachos with melted cheese ain’t goin’ no where… on a positive note, he will likely be breathing new life into the menu options, but not only at the Cineplex movie theatres and VIP locations. The brand now also owns The Rec Room, Topgolf (in the US) and Playdium. The brand previously didn’t have a head of culinary an worked with third parties to develop their menu so hopefully the new addition will mean some exciting new menu options across all of their brands.

Icon Ink continues to expand with a third location of their Byblos restaurant concept coming to 2537 Yonge St, at Yonge and Eglington. Ever wondered what it takes to open a restaurant? Check out their cool behind the scenes step by step update on their IG stories.


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New restaurant concept coming to King and Simcoe area underneath Il fornello. It’s said that there will be a cool speak easy concept in the back, that is aparently going to be called “es tois.”

Get your premium Dim Sum while it’s hot! Another Susur Lee restaurant set to ghost us, as Luckee at the Soho Metropolitan is going to be shutting down on Dec 31st for a major Renovation, along with the whole hotel lobby. Our sources tell us that they are trying to get the whole reno’ done in one month by January. Apparently there will be a new Italian restaurant is going in to replace Luckee’s current spot. No word yet on where Luckee will be relocating — if that.

The dust has settled where Drake and Susur Lee’s former restaurant Frings was, and a Vancouver brand, the one behind West Oak, is gearing up to take over. Apparently they will be splitting up the space into two concepts, Marbl and Mademoiselle. Marbl’s Instagram is teasing grilled steaks and wine, while Mademoiselle looks to be primarily bubbly-oriented. We can’t wait to see what the chef(s) are cooking.

What’s Going Down with Hotels?

Guess what, we spoke too soon. We’ve been told that the St. Regis hotel is back on schedule and set to open the newly branded, former Adelaide hotel, and their new restaurant concept LOUIX LOUIS on November 28th. Starting with a ribbon cutting ceremony with executives and local dignitaries starting at 11am.

Where should you be Shopping?

Retailers beware. Nordstrom Canada is making their mark — to say the least. The word on the street is the retailer has recently partnered with the Canadian brand, Club Monaco, and is set to officially launch the partnership and availability of the brand’s select items in their stores today, with a special event at their CF Toronto Eaton Centre location hosted by Harjas Singh, on of the faces of their recent Canadian campaign, for a personal shopping event.

But get this, Nordstrom continues to embrace cultural diversity, not only with their epic Canadian marketing campaign featuring familiar faces from across Canada, but by also launching a new “Grab and Go @ Nordstrom” takeout menu of Kosher foods and more at select Nordstrom locations, including Eaton Centre, and Yorkdale locations. The first to provide Kosher food options in both these malls. The new Kosher items are provided daily by the reputable Kosher caterer, PR Creative Caterers — a known Toronto Kosher community favourite.

Lexi Miles made a big announcement early this fall with her business – WAXON – launching a new-to-market laser offering and rebranding to WAXON Laser + Waxbar. With Laser prominently offered at their King West, Commerce Court, Summerhill locations, this new service is now approaching the following locations this month, allowing those seeking the best in hair removal. Our source confirmed their new Richmond Adelaide Centre is set to launch Nov. 22 and Bloor West Village on Nov. 24.

Canadian Icons in the Public Eye?

Earlier this week the overrated pop-star, and fellow Canadian (don’t judge us), The Biebs aka Justin Bieber was seen on the streets of Toronto looking nothing close to red carpet ready. But more so like the average Joe — he’s looking rough!

Justin Bieber in Toronto at Tim Hortons - View the VIBESeen with his arm candy/newly engaged finance, Hailey Baldwin, roaming the streets of The 6ix looking for the nearest Tim Hortons for their morning cup of Tims. I guess ‘Bieber fever’ has finally blown over. With the youngin’s that is, as he seems to have only stoped for pics with middle aged Tim Hortons workers along the way.

On a positive note, the original Fashion Santa has won his legal battle and is ready to attack the map. Paul Mason is the man behind the modern and sexy Fashion Santa brand, that was launched 2-years ago for the holiday season in partnership with Yorkdale Mall. Last year Mason took to the courts to battle out a trademark war for the Fashion Santa brand as Oxford Properties tried to strong arm him, and replace him with an imposter in their 2017 holiday campaign. Luckily he won and he’s back.

Fashion Santa - Paul Mason - View the VIBEIn a recent social post, Mason confirmed that has received his official Trademark registration certificate, pictured in a photo with his Trademark lawyer, Yuri Chumak & Co. LLP, celebrating their win.

In a conversation with him, Mason confirmed that he is ready to make a splash this Holiday season, opening up with a few charitable initiatives this past week, and gearing up for a International tour with The-Ritz Carlton — visiting some of their North American hotels in the US and Canada, including Toronto (Dec. 6th), Boston, DC, and Miami. Mason also confirmed that 2-weeks ago he partnered with US retailer, Neiman Marcus, hosting their 2018 Fantasy Gift Guide “The Christmas Look” in NYC . He’s not stopping there either! Our sources told us that he is also cooking up an opportunity with a Canadian brand that will be hosting an event at Time Square to be projected on the Nasdaq screens live on December 5th from 8am to 12pm. Stay tuned for updates on what’s next!


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