In this innovative day and age, what’s old is always new again. So we’re having a look at some uber-cool and unique takes on classic men’s fashion staples that have been remixed for the modern man. Snatch your plastics and get ready for some Shopping 2.0.

We have hipsters and their spray-painted-on pants to thank for the slimming down of men’s silhouettes permeating the mainstream. Suits are snugger, skinny-fit denim is the new a la mode, and gone is anything with comfortable slouch appeal. Naturally, this has led to a new disorder plaguing modern mankind: Ouchis Pocketitis, or, in layman’s terms, Pocket Discomfort.


Enter LD West Holsters: what would be John Wayne’s fave new accoutrement. Ditch the pocket bulk in lieu of a refined silhouette thanks to the original concept that makes carting around your wallet’s innards and cellphone a functional fashion statement. Worn like an old school gun holster, this Canadian-borne line fits slyly under your jacket without anyone being any the wiser. Or, if you’re a renegade to rival James Dean, wear your LD West holster proudly in plain-sight as you traverse the urban jungle looking like the coolest mofo this side of a Tarantino flick.

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LD West Holsters come in three sizes to accommodate most any cell phone dimensions on the market. (Yes… even the three of you left in the Dark Ages of Blackberry Dominance.) Available in tan, brown, and black, these holsters fit the modern man lifestyle to a bona fide T. Get yours online at LD West’s shop, or try them out IRL on July 11th at Modern Man: Official Event for Men.

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