Eva Redpath
Image: Eva Redpath

Fall is finally here, and while we can certainly try to hide under cable knit sweaters and distressed denim, all those Pumpkin Spice lattes will eventually catch up to you. So, make an early resolution to sneak in a workout whenever (and wherever) you can. If you find yourself hunkered down and chained to your desk for hours a day, then push your chair aside and take three minutes to make a serious dent in your winter weight gain.

Eva Redpath demonstrates these moves borrowed from Utah Lee’s Cardio Hustle, found on the free N+TC App, home to juicy downloadable workouts with step-by-step images to ensure you’re doing each move safely. For those that don’t know Eva, she’s Canada’s first and only Nike Master Trainer. She teaches her popular workout classes (and personal training sessions) across the city using her background as a dancer to inspire the rest of us to shake a leg and lead an active lifestyle.

She’s hand-picked these three moves to challenge and tone with no props, and a minimal amount of time, required. These moves should be repeated twice, followed by a 30 minute cardio session, which likely shouldn’t be done at your desk/office/cubicle. If your commute includes cycling home, you’re off to a good start. TTCers should take the stairs for a more active commute and everyone else, well, hit up the N+TC App for the rest of this sweaty workout. Check out the three moves below.

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Eva Redpath

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