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Over the last number of years, our beloved subscription-based streaming service has picked up some major momentum. Stocking favourites from network TV such as Grey’s Anatomy and the Back to the Future trilogy, to brand-spanking new Netflix Original series such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. Netflix has become the go-to when it comes to watching TV and movies from the comfort of our own homes — or on the go for that matter. It’s become so trendy that we’ve even attached a slang verb to it, #netflixandchill anyone? So, naturally something this popular and relied upon is bound to require constant updates, and we’ve got your exclusive look at brand spanking new series, seasons and everything in between! Read on for our most anticipated additions coming to Netflix in the month of September.


Marvel’s Black Panther

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The movie that everyone and their mothers watched at least 4 times in the theatres, for FOMO, and because nothing beats watching Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan duke it out in a battle to the death. T’Challa, heir to the kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to take his seat on the throne, but is met by a powerful challenger and chaos ensues. #WakandaForever


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Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 2

Marvel's Iron Fist - Marvel Disney | View the VIBE Toronto
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The highly anticipated second season of another absolutely killer Marvel series is now on the list to be added to Netflix’s roster. Follow Danny Rand as he resurfaces after being presumed dead for 15 years, having newly acquired master martial arts skills and the power of the ‘Iron Fist’.


Atypical – Season 2

Atypical Season 2 (Photo: Netflix) | View the VIBE
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The second season of the show that made major waves when it aired on Netflix in 2017. In a coming-of-age Netflix Original series, Sam Gardner is a high school student living life as a teen on the autism spectrum. Get to know Sam as he faces all of the related trials and tribulations with his friends and family by his side.



Maniac - New on Netflix | View the VIBE
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Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in this new Netflix Original miniseries. ‘Maniac’ tells the stories of Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim, two complete strangers who participate in the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. The trial promises to solve all of their problems, with no complications or side-effects, permanently. However, things don’t go as planned.


The Walking Dead – Season 8

The Walking Dead - Season 8 (Photo: Gene Page/AMC) | View the VIBE Toronto
Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Zombies, safe-houses, and brains, oh my! Season 8 of your favourite post-apocalyptic horror series will be available for streaming on Netflix in September. Dodge ‘walkers’ and struggle to survive alongside sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes and the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Watch as they fight to protect themselves against not just zombies, but other groups of survivors willing to do anything to get by another day.


This Is Us – Season 2

This is Us - Season 2 (Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC) | View the VIBE
Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Don’t forget to restock your tissue boxes, because This Is Us Season 2 is set to be added to Netflix in September. In this American drama series, Rebecca Pearson gives birth to triplets on the same day as her husband Jack’s birthday, six weeks premature. Follow along on their emotional and completely unique journey as a family, as the series flashes between the past and the present.


What’s else new on Netflix Canada this month?

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