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The closer and closer we get to the legalization of marijuana in Canada the hotter and hotter it gets as a topic. But there’s more to talk about cannabis in Canada than just smoking and buying it. To showcase that, the O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo (June 8 – 9) will be taking place to talk about all the other hot topics regarding cannabis. Here is a list of 10 of those Hot Pot Topics.

Ask the Vet: Pets and Cannabis

If there can be benefits for humans using cannabis, could there be any benefits for our pets? In this hot pot topic, there will be discussions about current and future legislation regarding cannabis and pets. You’ll explore how it affects access to cannabis for pet use, current studies, applications, safety issues, and more.

Beauty & Skin Care with Cannabis

Coconut oil, argan oil, hemp oil? The beauty/skincare community is obsessed with oils but hemp oil can become the next it oil for people to use. In this hot pot topic, you will find out benefits hemp oil can have for particular skin problems.

Cannabis and Fashion: Modern Marijuana Trends in Fashion and Design

Nowadays fashion is trying to go green. What’s greener than using cannabis? During this hot pot topic, the use of cannabis as a cloth source or material for design will be discussed. You will find out just who’s pushing cannabis to the forefront of mainstream culture and why.

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How To Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

Sometimes traditional medicine isn’t the right fit for you. That’s where medical marijuana can be a good alternative. In this topic, you can learn how to open up and ask your doctor about getting medical marijuana.

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Just Say ‘Know’: Pot & Parenting

Before the topic of marijuana wasn’t one to have at the dinner table with kids. But with legalization on the way the conversation needs to be happening. In this hot topic, parents can learn about their children and how they relate to marijuana. You will find out how legalization is looked at from one generation to another.

Post-Prohibition: What A Pot-Friendly Canada Means

Just because cannabis will be legal in Canada soon doesn’t mean it’s history in the country vanishes. There are still many things to think about with the past and future or marijuana. Things like those charged with marijuana-related crimes before legalization, the merging or cannabis culture in the mainstream and so much more.

The Green Chefs: Cooking with Cannabis

Besides smoking it, eating marijuana through edible goodies and meals will be another popular way for people to have their cannabis. This hot pot topic will be held with a live workshop where they cook up a little something special all while teaching you how consuming cannabis through edibles can affect you differently than smoking or vaping.

Photo: Justin Aikin (Unsplash)

Toke-nology: What’s New In Tech and Innovation

Tech in the cannabis is an emerging industry. With so many new possibilities, there is just so much to talk about. This hot pot topic will be looking at inventors, innovators and the technology and science of cannabis.

Unpacking the Cannabis Act: The Law and What It Means for Consumers

There’s more to the legalization of marijuana to know than just being able to consume it. The laws around the Cannabis Act are more complex and can differ from province to province. From consumption to cultivation, you will learn more about the Cannabis Act in this hot pot topic. Learn more about the act and how to have your cannabis and still stay within the law.

Seniors…Have You Considered Cannabis?

There’s an image that only young people use cannabis. Well, that’s not the case. Seniors are a rising demographic of cannabis users. In this hot pot topic, learn how the use of marijuana can be beneficial to the elderly in its medical use. You will find out what sort of benefits you can enjoy by switching to the cannabis alternative.

If you’re interested in any of these topics and would like to be a part of the discussion then head over to the O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo at the International Centre. Tickets are available on their website.