Drake, the global ambassador of all things T-Dot, brought the Jungle home last night. Toronto got to experience the Jungle Tour, where around 18,000 excited fans filled the Air Canada Centre, re-confirming that “the 6ix” will always be number one.

Drizzy’s love for his hometown is nothing new. He brought us October’s Very Own (OVO) Fest years ago – something we have now protectively claimed as our own. Key word: ours.

Which explains why social media went into frenzy last week when he revealed during his “Jungle Tour” stop in Houston, Texas that OVO might be leaving the 6ix. On top of Drake’s comment, the officials at the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport recently announced that they would not be giving OVO fest the $300,000 grant it received in years past.

All of a sudden, our prospects of keeping the beloved hip-hop festival seemed grim. Drake was met with a series of boos last night when he announced, “people were asking me to move OVO out of Toronto.” He asked the crowd to help him prove to festival organizers why Toronto is best location for OVO – a request fans took very seriously.

Instantly, piercing screams, whistles (no seriously, people brought whistles) and cheers filled the ACC. Drake then uttered the words all Toronto fans were longing to hear: “You proved to me tonight that we got something nobody can ever take away. With that being said, you know Imma keep OVO Fest here for life.”


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