It’s NOT okay to bring one suitcase for every day of your trip. Check out these packing tips to help get you back from your staycation in Diva-land… 

Travelling is exciting, but not always easy. Hauling luggage, carry-ons, electronics, and all the other items we deem necessary sometimes just sucks the fun out of it. Heaven forbid the airline loses your luggage, or your bag comes down the conveyor belt looking like it exploded. This can easily send the fun-o-meter plummeting before the vacation even starts.


Here at View The Vibe, we want to focus on making your trip a fun-filled adventure from start to finish. As we break into March, there is no better time to fill our heads with thoughts of warm weather and visions of exotic destinations. Hoping and praying that the last leg of cold weather is soon over, all we can do is stock up on tanning oil, pull out your wedge sandals, and dust off the beer bong as Spring Break is right around the corner. Or, if you are an adult who no longer wishes to be THE girl in Girls Gone Wild, let us help you prepare for a civilized vacation. Here are 14 packing tips that will make your travels a breeze:

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Grab a Glass of Wine

This first step is a bit unconventional, but we believe this is the perfect way to kick off packing. Pop open your favourite bottle of white wine (we do not recommend red for this activity in case you spill). There is no better way to get through a tedious task than to entertain yourself with a good glass of wine.

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Make a List and Check It Twice

Once step one is accomplished, it is time to make a detailed list that breaks up the items that you would like to bring into categories such as essentials, clothing, accessories, toiletries, first aid, finances, etc. This sounds a little OCD but trust us, there is nothing worse than checking if you have packed enough underwear five times only to realize that you’re still going commando in Punta Cana.

Pick a Colour Palette and Stick With It

Pick two to three colours and plan your outfits around them. You can then mix and match pieces easily and bring a few accessories that will go with everything.

Follow This Secret Packing Formula

The secret: Pack three tops for every bottom. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts, and when you wear them multiple times, no one is the wiser. Just try not to spill too much mojito on them, eh?


Lay It All Out

Once you have a colour palette picked, go through your wardrobe and lay out all the items you want to bring. Then cut that in half and you’ll be ready to start packing.   

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Roll Them Bad Boys

For those of you who got some rolling experience in university (wink wink), this one will be a very easy. Roll your clothes rather than fold them to save space. If you roll your outfits in tissue paper, they will also get less wrinkled.


Pack In Layers

Break your suitcase up into at least two layers. On the bottom layer place rolled clothing, starting with heavier items like jackets and jeans. On the top layer pack your toiletries, shoes, blow dryer, etc. — all the items you will need immediately after landing. Tip: Pack heavier items close to the wheels of your suitcase so that it won’t topple over when upright.

Pack A Scarf, or Three

Whether you are walking along the beach in Hawaii or going snow shoeing across the Alps, this simple piece of cloth is one of the most useful travel accessories. It can be used as a sarong at the beach, a bandanna in the desert, a makeshift bag, a neck-warmer, or simply an accessory to brighten up an outfit.

Leverage Space Saving Techniques

Use socks, shoes, and other space savers to store chargers for electronics, belts, and other small items that can easily get lost in a big bag. Fill shoes with socks and underwear to save space. Bring multipurpose items such as a good-looking jewelry pouch that can also be used as a purse. Tip: Use rubber bands or twisty ties to bundle cords from electronic devices so that they don’t get tangled.

Small Nalgene Bottles

Use small Nalgene bottles to pack toiletries and liquid cosmetics. This is ideal to organize smaller items and prevent spills. Bottles that are waterproof and clear are the best choice, and are also easier for security purposes. Keeping in the theme of multifunctional items, these can also be used to fill up on drinks at an all-inclusive resort.


Less Is More When Packing Shoes

Practice self-restraint when packing shoes. Pack neutral coloured shoes so that they can match multiple outfits. Use larger Ziploc bags to transport shoes and sandals, and keep pairs together. If you need boots on your trip, pack them on top of your suitcase and separate them from the rest of the packed items with a layer of tissue paper. Pack them by placing them heel-to-toe to maximize space.

Split Up Your Valuables

Split up your cards, cash, travellers cheques and IDs as much as possible in different pockets of your carry-on bag and wallet. In case you get robbed, you won’t be stripped of all your cash, unless everything gets stolen which we hope happens to no one.

Split Up Clothes When Travelling With Others

When you are flying, and especially if you have multiple stops, divide your clothes between different suitcases, backpacks, bags, etc. In case your bags get lost, you will at least you have a few outfits to tide you over.


Pack To Head Home

Bring some big storage bags and toss all your dirty clothes in those them (plus a dryer sheet to combat the stink). When you get home, you can dump the load directly into the washing machine.

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What are some of your top secret packing tips for when you travel? Let View The Vibe know in the comments below or tweet us at @ViewTheVibe