So after having a super tasty meal at Fishbar with Sam and Mr. Andrew of Dobbernation Loves (we vlogged!!), the sexy Brit and I headed over to the preview of Patria Restaurant… sister restaurant to one of my newest faves, Weslodge. To say it was happening is an understatement…

We got in around 9 o’clock, and the place was buzzing with beautiful people. (Was everyone in the city there?!) Of course, since we’d just eaten, we didn’t try any bites of the food… but if they can keep up the quality and consistency they showed us at the Storys Spanish Pop-Up… then I’m sure this will be one of the hottest new restaurants on King West.

Patria is gorgeous inside to say the least. Spanish artwork – including massive murals on the walls – industrial lights in intricate bends and lines, and an open-concept kitchen all add to its allure. A second floor exclusively dedicated to private dining and bathrooms overlooks a massive bar with a beautiful wall decked out in wine bottles.  In the center of the bar were bottles of homemade sangria lined up ready to be poured – Sam tried it out and it was delicious.  I’m already dreaming of summer afternoons sipping sangria on their patio and munching on authentic Spanish tapas.  Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji are like a dream team when it comes to putting their minds together. (Hello… Storys building? Weslodge?) And Chef Stuart Cameron is amazing at what he does. How he’s able to perfect so many different kinds of cuisine is beyond me!

Of course we’ll be going back to do a proper vlog there… immediately if not sooner! But for now, check out some of the pictures from Patria’s opening last night… Patria is located at 478 King Street West  |